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[SNDA] [DSK] Dungeon Striker To China

Shanda Games is really becoming a force on the worldwide stage. With their acquisition of Eyedentity Games in 2010 and their massive launches of Dragon Nest in China and South East Asia, Shanda continues to push to become a global publisher of games. Shanda has announced that they do plan on bringing the newest online game from Eyedentity Games, Dungeon Striker, to the Chinese market in 2012. This follows Dragon Nest’s growing to become one of the biggest online games in China after its launch in August 2010. When Dungeon Striker is launched it will join games such as MapleStory, Dragon Nest, Sudden Attack, PopTag!, Get Amped II, Tales Runner, Bubble Fighter, Aion, La Tale, Ragnarok Online, Mir II, Mir III, Final Fantasy XIV, Dragon Ball Online and more on Shanda’s Chinese game portal.

This would be an excellent game to bring to North America in my opinion. Come on Nexon. Sign it! It shouldn’t be too hard considering your relationship with Shanda and Eyedentity. Make plans for Cyphers while you’re at it. While doing that organize for a high quality MOBA (DotA-style) RTS.

See for more information on Dungeon Striker.

[DN SEA] Academic Coming To The Global Service!

Shanda Games hinted at it recently and it has now been announced that the Academic class will arrive in the Global service of one of the most successful free-to-play games in the world, Dragon Nest SEA. The update will take place on April 24, 2012.

Players interested in the Global service of Dragon Nest see

First launching in South Korea on March 4, 2010, Eyedentity Games-developed Dragon Nest has achieved over 700,000 concurrent users in China and has won several game awards across Asia. Just over 2 years since its worldwide premier the game has achieved over 100 million registered users and become the third most profitable online game in South Korea behind only Dungeon Fighter Online (Nexon) and MapleStory (Nexon) by achieving a cumulative profit of 100 billion KRW. This over multiple services as the game has broken a global service record with localized services for South Korea (Nexon), China (Shanda), Japan (NHN), Thailand (AsiaSoft), North America and Oceania (Nexon), South-East-Asia (doubling as a ‘Global’ service) (Shanda) and Russia ( and has been licensed for publishing in Indonesia (KREON).

Eyedentity Games has unveiled its second game which is being published by NHN in South Korea. I am hopeful that this game, Dungeon Striker, will quickly makes its way to North America.

[CMS 0.98] Legend

I was right. The Chinese service of MapleStory, published by Shanda Games, will join Global MapleStory and Taiwan MapleStory in their receiving of the first Legends update on December 7. This update will include the Cannoneer class. Mercedes class previews will also begin on this day.

[DN] Dragon Nest SEA (Global) Open Beta Begins On August 16!

The Dragon Nest SEA (Global) open beta is finally here. The servers will be opened on August 16, 2011 at the following times:
2:00PM GMT +8 – Singapore, Malaysia
6:00AM GMT
7:00AM BST (GMT +1) – United Kingdom, Western Europe
2:00AM EDT (GMT -4) – Eastern North America

Dragon SEA will serve as the Global service of Dragon Nest and will be available to everyone who is playing from outside of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand.

The closed beta client may be patched to the open beta client by simply launching the client. It will patch automatically. If for any reason the patch fails, you have already uninstalled your closed beta client or you never had the closed beta client installed, you may download the open beta client at The open beta game system requirements can be viewed at

Open Beta Updates
Guild System:
Forge your own community with the Guild System and take down formidable enemies in the dungeons. Start off with a basic guild of 20 members and recruit more as your guild level increases!

Trading House:
Calling all budding entrepreneur! Trade and sell your gears and precious items in the Trading House and soon you will be on the road to riches! You never know what bargains you can get in the Trading House.

Affinity System:
Build up your friendship with NPCs in town to receive exclusive rewards and discounts when you patronize their services! Psst, it’s not a bad idea to start befriending your friendly neighborhood Blacksmith and Merchant!

Cash Shop:
Accessorize and customize yourself in Lagendia’s latest fashion gears!
* More inventory bags and storage space; a must have for aspiring adventurers.
* Trade rare and epic gears with the Stamp Seals!
* Discounted beginner packages for a limited time period only!

Official website ( ) Visit regularly!
Official Youtube channel ( Subscribe!
Official Facebook page ( Like!

[DN] Dragon Nest SEA To Serve as the Global Service

It has been confirmed by publisher Shanda Games that the South East Asian servers of Dragon Nest will serve as the service for all regions without a local service of the game. This is good news because it means that none of us will be left out. I will not be joining my global friends on the SEA service as I have full access to the North American service from Nexon America.

The official website can be viewed at or by clicking the poster below.

Shanda Enters the SEA Market

Massive Chinese publisher Shanda Games will enter the South-East Asian market in 2011 with the help of Cherry Credits and three MMOs. Shanda recently licensed to publish FFXIV in China. Shanda Games has signed a contract with Cherry Credits to bring Storm Online, La Tale and iL: Soulbringer to SEA.

Storm Online features rich quests and some other systems that commonly seen in many other games, like the mount system, PvP, dungeons, etc. Latale Online is a cartoon style side-scrolling MMO that allows you to decorate your characters with tons of fashion items. Dungeon and pets are also part of the game. Currently, OGPlanet‘s operating the game’s NA and EU version. Among the 3 games, Storm Online will be the first to meet Southeast Asia as the game will start closed beta on December 16th. Latale Online just set up a teaser site while iL Soulbringer just confirmed the SEA version.

Many players of Nexon games have been patiently awaiting the North American service of Dragon Nest. Shanda Games publishes Dragon Nest in China, and have acquired the Dragon Nest development, Eyedentity Games. Nexon America has delayed Dragon Nest indefinitely so it is possible that the world’s first English service of the game will arrive in South-East Asia if Shanda Games and Cherry Credits decide to take it over there. Hurry up Nexon America! We need Dragon Nest. If you want to play foreign services of Dragon Nest while you wait for the North American service, here are the publishers:

Korea: Nexon
Japan: NHN Japan
China: Shanda
Taiwan/Hong Kong: Gamania
North America (Upcoming): Nexon America