[CMS 0.98] Legend

I was right. The Chinese service of MapleStory, published by Shanda Games, will join Global MapleStory and Taiwan MapleStory in their receiving of the first Legends update on December 7. This update will include the Cannoneer class. Mercedes class previews will also begin on this day.



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  1. +1 for Zach on being right 😉

  2. CMS and TWMS will get theirs a day earlier than GMS.
    Their time zone is ahead of ours by a day.

    • To make up for the time changes and not cause confusion I’ve chosen to standardize dates and times since it doesn’t make that much of difference being that nowhere is more than 23 hours ahead of anywhere else.

  3. CMS’ voice over guy is slow on speaking the words and the volume for the voice is low compared to the background music.

  4. Are you sure that it will come tomorrow? I mean, its December 6th and no announcement. And there will be a mantenience the 7th in Forums so GMs will just work on that (that’s what I think) .

    I know that it still half a day, but Im worried. Thursday it’s holiday (in my country, I don’t know if in USA its the same) and I wanted to play ALL Wednesday.

    Lazy? Me? NOO WAAY.

    • lol .. I am fearing the exact same thing, but knowing Nexon, they will release a update note the last hour of December 6, update the game in mid day december 7, have it released before the END (last minut) of december 7. However, this time, there is something different. In all other content releases there was a patch needed to add data. However, EVERYTHING that is related to cannoneer has been put in the game. They only have to activate to allow us to make one, update the login screen, update the character creation screen, and update the monster drops with the hand cannons. This can be done without a patch I asume, just like how they activate a event…
      Anyone else has thoughts on this … Zach ?

    • Edit: Well with this unscheduled maintenance and the fact that it’s getting late, I can’t bank on a Dec. 7 release anymore 😦 .

      LOL. Nah I’m pretty sure it’ll come tomorrow but maybe Thursday if it’s delayed. Just keep posted for the announcement.

  5. I don’t think you did a This Month in Our Past for November.

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