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[DFO] Dungeon Fighter Online Is Closed

The North American service of global phenomenon Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO) had its servers permanently shut down on June 13, 2013. DFO has found great success across Asia with over 300 million players worldwide and a world record 3 million simultaneous users, a record set in 2011. More details can be found in a previous post:

Listening To DFO Players Expressing Their Dissatisfaction At The Game’s Closing Is LIke…

Listening to DFO players expressing their dissatisfaction at the game’s impending closure is like listening to conservatives trying to argue their beliefs (I know some of my non-commenting viewers are going to HATE me for using this comparison :P). In other words, it’s terrible. I was going through the comments on the official DFO Facebook page today and came across COUNTLESS that I either made me laugh to death or incredibly puzzled at what the heck the comment poster had its his/her brain. But I’d like to highlight one. Not necessarily because it was the worst one, but because I’m in a rush and just picked one to make my thoughts known on.

Why can’t you guys be honest you’re closing this game for the same reason you closed Kart Rider, and Poptag. Lack of revenue. Nexon America is all about money you guys should be ashamed of yourselves I will not be playing any games from nexon America any long you guys are greedy as the Nation you’re in. I will not recommend this company to anyone else either have a good day.

WELL OBVIOUSLY THAT’S WHY NEXON IS CLOSING THE GAME. Although there are many reasons why a publisher would close one of their games, the reason for the closure of DFO is obvious. It didn’t have the PLAYERBASE to generate enough REVENUE to keep it ALIVE. I don’t recall Nexon ever denying this for their games. They said that both PopTag and Kart Rider lacked the expected base of players among the reasons for their closures.

The fact is that if a game is not making enough money to meet that standards of the publisher then it’s going to be shut down. It’s not about greed, it’s about business.

[NX] [DFO] [XBOX] Nexon’s Going To E3!

So Nexon actually IS heading the the E3 Expo from June 5-7 in the Los Angeles Convention Centre, but not with a booth. I suspect that Nexon America’s non-attendance at this year’s E3 has something to do with its 2011 losses. It has been over a year since Nexon announced Dungeon Fighter Online for the Xbox 360 and a media showcase on Dungeon Fighter Live: Fall of Hendon Myre will be hosted at E3. The showcase is scheduled to begin on June 6 at 10:30AM PT and will last for around 30 minutes. It includes an introduction and demo of the game as well as a question and answer session.

Dungeon Fighter Live: Fall of Hendon Myre is scheduled for release within 2012.

[DFO] WORLD RECORD: 2.6 Million Concurrent Users In China

I think it’s safe to say that Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO) is the world’s most popular online game. It has over 300 million players worldwide and Dungeon Fighter Online has retained its world record for maximum concurrent users as the game hit the 2.6 million CCU mark in China this July, the highest ever for any game in the world. Most games don’t even make it to 2.6 million registered users, so you know that 2.6 million players playing at the same time really is really something.

In comparison, MapleStory has just over 100 million players worldwide and Global MapleStory hit its peak 136,000 concurrent users in December 2010.

[DFO] Game Update – Rebirth 24 Hours Long

Update 2: The update has ended as of 7:40PM Pacific (10:40PM Eastern) and the game is now open. Total update time was 28 hours and 40 minutes. A new record for a Nexon game?

Update: The update has been extended by another 6 hours and it is now expected to end at 9:00PM Pacific (00:00 Eastern). Current estimated total update time is 30 hours.

Dungeon Fighter Online is probably the most popular game in the world with over 300 million players worldwide and a world record 2.2 million concurrent users.

Yes, you read that right. The massive Rebirth update to Dungeon Fighter Online is estimated to last for 24 hours. Its hard to compare, but I’ll say that this update is bigger than MapleStory Chaos but smaller than MapleStory Big Bang. The Rebirth update will add the following:

1. New Class: Thief
2. New Level Cap: Level 70
3. Removal of fatigue system
4. Addition of Blitz system
5. Removal of Avatar Bazaar
6. Addition of selectable avatars
7. 7 New Dungeons
8. Game Infrastructure Changes

Pacific: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 @ 3:00PM to Wednesday, June 29, 2011 @ 3:00PM

Eastern: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 @ 6:00PM to Tuesday, June 29, 2011 @ 6:00PM

Keep posted to here for more information.

[DFO] Happy 1st Anniversary Dungeon Fighter Online

Today, June 9, marks one year since Dungeon Fighter Online (‘Arad Senki’ in Japan, ‘Dungeon & Fighter’ outside of North America and Japan) was launched officially here in North America. Dungeon Fighter Online is likely the most popular game in the world with over THREE HUNDRED MILLION (300,000,000) players worldwide and an only recently surpassed world record of 2.2 million concurrent users. In comparison, MapleStory has a little over 100 million players worldwide. The game is developed by Nexon subsidiary Neople and was first launched in Korea in August 2005. It has since been localized for Japan, China, Taiwan and North America.

Many events are being held for DFO’s 1st anniversary including 3x EXP, 2x Drop and +50 to all stats on June 11-12 and June 18-19.