[EYE] [DSK] Dungeon Striker Announced

EyeDentity Games, the developer of the global blockbuster Dragon Nest, has unveiled its next game, Dungeon Striker. The game is being published in Korea by NHN (Hangame). The game’s closed beta will open on April 29.

Truly, the game looks really amazing and I can’t wait for an English service to be released.

Key Features

Speedy Action Sweeping Through Dungeons: Dungeon Striker’s action system is focussed on attacking multiple enemies fast. Through the viewpoint designed to easily verify multiple enemies once, speedy attacking up to 10 times per second, super deformed characters optimised for speedy battles, players will be pleased with their characters sweeping throughout the dungeons.

Personalized Character Created Through Limitless Job Change System: Dungeon Striker pursues a limitless job change system without class difference. Players may combine various job skills to create their unique characters such as ‘healing mage’ or ‘snaring/shadowing warrior’. PvP between unique characters and party playing of distinctive classes combined are some of the diversified fun factors players would find entertaining.

Pleasant, Stress-free Gameplay: Dungeon Strike has an intuitive control system in which anyone can adopt fast and easily.To minimize the boredom of leveling up and farming, a random map system that changes terrains every time players enter into dungeons and auto attack system that is programmed to apply basic attack automatically are added. Also, to clip off unnecessary standbys and travel time, Dungeon Strike reduced the number of zone-loadings in the instanced dungeons and added the ‘way point’ or ‘portal’ functions for players to quickly teleport.

One-button Battle System: A very simple, hence literally intuitive system has been brought to you by Dungeon Striker in order to deliver the satisfactions for both types of players: the ones who long for endless combo actions through various controls and the others who feel complex control systems as burdens. We call it the ‘one-button battle system’ and as its name implies, this system allows players to engage in combos with the use of only one button. Without learning and being adapted to a new control system, this new system guarantees that anyone can play easily and immediately while player fatigue can be minimized during gameplay.

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  1. The moment I saw the characters I the first thing that came to my mind was: Dragon Nest!

    • I know right. The character design and the environment design in general is quite similar to that of Dragon Nest. I emailed you.

      • The cibbyness of the characters, the way the background looks, if they changed the logo from Dungeon Strikers to Dragon Nest, I would believe that Dragon Nest would get 4 new jobs. This studio is a promising one 😉

        • It really is. It started by itself in 2007 and has grown into one of the most renounced studios in Asia. Dragon Nest has grown to become the 3rd most revenue making game in Asia (behind MS and DFO) only like 2.5-3 years after it was first launched,

  2. MAPLESTORY2!!!!

  3. @jipo: Too Random.

    @Every1 else: Omg this game looks amazing! Don’t know what it has to do with Nexon, but I guess you do some off-topic things sometimes, right?

    • Yeah. I post anything I find really interesting that my viewers might want to read. Dragon Nest has been a hit and this game is from the developer of Dragon Nest. And who knows, maybe Nexon will bring this one to America.

  4. ohh meh gahhd want to play 😀 where i can Download this???

  5. Diablo + Dragon Nest = Dungeon Striker

  6. is there English version in this game??

  7. i thought this was a MOBILE VERSION of DRAGON NEST… LOL..

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