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[GH] [GT] Gamehi’s Name to Change To ‘Nexon GT’

South Korean game developer and Nexon subsidiary Gamehi is expected to adjust its corporate name to “Nexon GT”. Gamehi, the developer of popular first-person shooter (FPS) Sudden Attack, was acquired by Nexon in May 2010. It is said to be currently developing a spiritual successor to Sudden Attack on the Unreal Engine 3 and is expected to release three mobile titles in 2014.

[NXEU] [DEK] Nexon Europe To Take Over Global Dekaron

This is my 900th post!

Nexon Europe has announced that they will take over the publishing of the Global service of the popular MMORPG Dekaron as of February 22, 2012. Dekaron was previously published by Nexon subsidiary Gamehi. This comes just months after Nexon America took over the Global service of Sudden Attack from Gamehi. This also comes very soon after the announcement that Nexon Co. Ltd. had acquired the global license to Shaiya Online, which I expect to begin appearing on Nexon’s global publishing arms soon.

Although I had been expecting that either Nexon America or Nexon Europe would take over Dekaron, it’s actually a pretty big surprise to me that Nexon Europe is who is taking over Dekaron and not Nexon America. It is not usual for Nexon Europe to publish the Global service of games, especially if that game is available in English only.

For more details on the transition process see the official Dekaron website.

Sudden Attack is developed by Gamehi which was acquired by Nexon in May 2010. Nexon began major restructuring of Gamehi after the latter reported disappointing financial results for the first half of 2010. Gamehi received an awesome new logo that’s similar in many ways to the Nexon logo in April 2011. The global service of Sudden Attack transferred publishers from Gamehi to Nexon America on November 16, 2011.

[SANA] Sudden Attack Transition Coverage

Update (Nov. 16, 4:16PM): Nexon America has announced Rev 2.0, the biggest update in the game’s history! It includes the achievement system, the new map ‘Prison’, the boot camp, missions and cash shop updates. Check out for more information on this.

Update (Nov. 16, 4:12PM Pacific): The official Sudden Attack website has been launched! Check out

Update (Nov. 16, 3:13PM Pacific) from Sudden Attack Facebook page: Sudden Attack will be launching shortly. Please stay tuned for the official launch announcement.

Keep posted for details on the transition of the global service of one of the world’s biggest online shooters, Sudden Attack North America, from Gamehi to Nexon America. Sudden Attack is the most popular first-person shooter in South Korea and the game has also proved its potential in the West. Nexon has made the right decision as it looks to expand its first-person shooter lineup.

Sudden Attack was expected to go live at 10:00AM Pacific (1:00PM Eastern) but is late, as is expected by Nexon.

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[SA] Sudden Attack’s Transition to Nexon America Begins

For coverage of Sudden Attack’s transition to Nexon America on November 16, check out


Gamehi has officially announced that Nexon America will take over the service of Sudden Attack North America (SANA), the game’s global service, as of November 16, 2011. Current players will be able to transfer their accounts to a Nexon account from November 16, 2011 to January 17, 2012.

For more information and links to the FAQs and transition policy, check out the official announcement.

[NXNA] Nexon America Taking Over Sudden Attack Soon?

Thanks to maplefreak26, I am now aware of a huge hint that Nexon America will be taking over the global service of successful free-to-play first-person shooter Sudden Attack, developed and currently published by Nexon subsidiary Gamehi.

This was found by viewing the source of, before the redirection to the Dragon Nest forums.

It also shows the future URLs for when the rest of Nexon games convert over to the new forums, similar to those for Atlantica and Dragon Nest.

Sudden Attack is the most popular first-person shooter in South Korea, where it was launched all the way back in 2004. It was originally published in Korea by CJ E&M on their Netmarble portal, but has since been taken over by Nexon. Sudden Attack is also published in Japan (Nexon), China (Shanda), South-East Asia (AsiaSoft), Brazil (Level Up! Games) and has a global service (currently Gamehi). Apart from its global service, it has the same publishers in its service regions as MapleStory, at least until a Nexon takeover becomes reality.

Sudden Attack is developed by Gamehi which was acquired by Nexon in May 2010. Nexon began major restructuring of Gamehi after the latter reported disappointing financial results for the first half of 2010. Gamehi received an awesome new logo that’s similar in many ways to the Nexon logo in April 2011.

[GH] [LU!] Level Up! Interactive to Publish Sudden Attack in Brazil

MapleStory may be closing in Brazil at the end of October, but Level Up! Interactive, the publisher of MapleStory and Combat Arms, as well as many other games, has announced that they have formed a partnership with Nexon subsidiary Gamehi to bring Sudden Attack to Brazil. This is likely a result of Combat Arms’ success in Brazil. Sudden Attack is the most popular first-person-shooter in Korea where it is published by Nexon Korea. The game is old, being originally launched in Korea in July 2004, but is the MapleStory of the FPS genre, keeping and increasing its popularity many, many years into its service. The game is developed by Gamehi which was acquired by Nexon Corporation in 2009.

The official website can be viewed here

Combat Arms, by the way, is celebrating its first anniversary of service in Brazil.