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[DN] Dragon Nest SEA (Global) Open Beta Begins On August 16!

The Dragon Nest SEA (Global) open beta is finally here. The servers will be opened on August 16, 2011 at the following times:
2:00PM GMT +8 – Singapore, Malaysia
6:00AM GMT
7:00AM BST (GMT +1) – United Kingdom, Western Europe
2:00AM EDT (GMT -4) – Eastern North America

Dragon SEA will serve as the Global service of Dragon Nest and will be available to everyone who is playing from outside of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand.

The closed beta client may be patched to the open beta client by simply launching the client. It will patch automatically. If for any reason the patch fails, you have already uninstalled your closed beta client or you never had the closed beta client installed, you may download the open beta client at The open beta game system requirements can be viewed at

Open Beta Updates
Guild System:
Forge your own community with the Guild System and take down formidable enemies in the dungeons. Start off with a basic guild of 20 members and recruit more as your guild level increases!

Trading House:
Calling all budding entrepreneur! Trade and sell your gears and precious items in the Trading House and soon you will be on the road to riches! You never know what bargains you can get in the Trading House.

Affinity System:
Build up your friendship with NPCs in town to receive exclusive rewards and discounts when you patronize their services! Psst, it’s not a bad idea to start befriending your friendly neighborhood Blacksmith and Merchant!

Cash Shop:
Accessorize and customize yourself in Lagendia’s latest fashion gears!
* More inventory bags and storage space; a must have for aspiring adventurers.
* Trade rare and epic gears with the Stamp Seals!
* Discounted beginner packages for a limited time period only!

Official website ( ) Visit regularly!
Official Youtube channel ( Subscribe!
Official Facebook page ( Like!

[DN] Dragon Nest Open Beta Launched

It’s not arguable that Dragon Nest has achieved massive success across Asia since it was first launched in Korea in March 2010, accumulating over 60 million registered users and 800,000 concurrent users in just 16 months. Incredible. Now it’s time for the world’s fastest growing action online game to take on the North American market. Nexon America has opened the game’s first three North American servers as of midday on Tuesday, July 26, 2011.

This hasn’t exactly been a smoothly running first day of open beta though as there is a lot of lag currently being experienced by many players, including me. Many players also cannot even get onto the game and some are even having problems patching their closed beta client. Oh well, it IS beta.

There are three servers currently open for North America players, Velskud (Western North America), Argenta (Eastern North America) and Gerrant (Eastern North America). Why there would be more Eastern servers than Western, I don’t know, but I’m sure Nexon knows that they’re doing.

Open Beta Update Notes

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[NXNA] What’s With Nexon?

I don’t understand something. I’m not the type of person who blames Nexon for every thing that doesn’t go perfectly. Unlike the majority of the community I applaud Nexon for the improvements that they have made over the past several years and don’t curse them because they aren’t perfect. I thank them for their hard work on all of their games for over six years. I blame hackers before I blame Nexon and sympathize with them when an update or maintenance is extended, because I think of the workers who have to sit there for how many hours working on the games we sit and enjoy. Maybe this is all because I work in the gaming industry and can relate. But really, I want to know if there is something wrong with Nexon. When I say ‘something wrong with Nexon’, I don’t necessarily mean something that Nexon is doing wrong, but that something is just generally wrong.

All Nexon games ever including closed/transferred ones such as Audition have experienced large amounts of hacking. MAYBE Kart Rider and Sugar Rush which never left beta phase, and iTCG which was a simple browser game can be excluded. Hacking is a hard issue to deal with, it’s like crime. It can’t be eliminated completely from any game, but actions can be taken to reduce it to acceptable levels. Unfortunately, Nexon game hacking levels are currently unacceptable.

It’s hard for Nexon. Their games are some of the most popular in North America. When you’re being attacked by so many hackers at once, it’s hard to keep up. But how does Riot Games do it? League of Legends from Riot Games is probably the most popular game in North America right now. It’s free-to-play. The hacking is there, you can see it, but it’s definitely acceptable.
Another example is Cross Fire from Z8Games. Cross Fire is likely the most popular shooter in the world due to its American and Chinese success. It’s really popular and, like League of Legends, you can clearly see hacking, but the hacking is acceptable.
Silkroad Online from Joymax, Battle of the Immortals and Forsaken World from Perfect World Entertainment, Luna Online and Flyff from Gala-Net (GPotato), A.V.A. and GunZ from NHN (ijji). For all of those the hackers can be seen but they’re kept down by the game’s publisher.

So what’s wrong with Nexon? Why are they unable to reduce the number of hackers terrorizing their games? It’s not like it’s one or two of their games, it’s all of them. Every. Single. One. All I can do is wish Nexon good luck in their fight again those demons we call hackers.

Zach is sad :(. I think I’ll quit MS for tonight.

[NX] [E3] Nexon at E3 2011! Days 1, 2 & 3 – Farewell and See You Next Year

If any new vids or pics become available they’ll be posted here.

The largest gaming expo of the year is here and Nexon is back this year to showcase the successful Vindictus and anticipated Dragon Nest.

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[NXNA] Servers Getting Ready for the Summer

Things are getting VERY interesting around here.

Greetings Nexon gamers,

Summer of 2011 is set to be the biggest ever for Nexon. We are planning for the launch of Dragon Nest, social games, and BIG changes to the Nexon website. And of course, we’re also planning for fantastic updates to our current lineup of games. In anticipation of these additions, we’ll be performing a lot of preparation on the back end to ensure that our servers and hardware are ready for the expected increase in the number of people playing our games. Below is how maintenances will shape up in our build up to the summer months.

Maintenance Plans:

1. Sporadic maintenances occurring outside of the weekly maintenances (usually late Tuesday evenings).
2. Longer downtimes during weekly maintenances.
3. Possible downtime for websites as well as games.

We’re hoping to get a lot of the work done early so that the summer season goes smoothly. We’ll do our best to provide as much prior announcement as possible before maintenances occur. In the meantime, we are extremely grateful to our players for your patience. Here’s to a great summer, and thank you for playing Nexon’s games!

-The Nexon Team-


We all know about Dragon Nest. I’m very happy to hear about new social games being launched in America as I think that Nexon America only servicing eight after all of six years in an industry that they dominate and a business model that they pioneered is quite unsatisfactory. It’s likely that MapleStory Adventures for Facebook will be one of these social games. The BIG changes to the website, I assume, will be the long awaited launch of game portal and social network service BlockParty. And then we have the big updates to the games. The only update I would know of right now would be MapleStory Chaos. Will we see a new game mode hitting Combat Arms, new dungeons being added to DFO, new maps coming to PopTag? Maybe a new region in Atlantica or a new character in Vindictus, or even the launch of Vindictus Xtreme Edition?

I hope that these maintenances pay off.

Msupdate’s 5 Most Anticipated F2P MMOs

For more of Msupdate’s Top Lists, click here.

The second half of 2011 is almost upon us. With it, and with 2012, with come many more FREE MMOs. The next generation of free is here and we’re all loving it. Vindictus, Divine Souls and some others have paved the path and now its time for these new games to continue. Here are Msupdate’s 5 most anticipated free-to-play MMOs. Of course, only games that have had their North American or Global service being announced are featured.

1. C9

Continent of the Ninth, or C9, is one of the greatest MMOs in the world right now. Being what I feel is the biggest danger to Vindictus in the next-gen of free games, C9 features stunning graphics, fast paced combat and an interesting storyline. NHN began development of C9 in 2006 and launch the game into the Korean market in 2010. C9 will not be published by NHN USA on their ijji portal, however, as Webzen, another NHN subsidiary, has been entrusted with the publishing right. Keep posted to Webzen for more information on the Global service of C9.

C9 Website (Korea)

Estimated release date: Early 2012

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