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[MS] “Fastest Updating” and “Most Updated” Rankings: Q3 2011

It’s the final week of the final month of the quarter and that means it’s time for Msupdate’s “Fastest Updating” and “Most Updated” Rankings.

This project started in April when I compared the content of all the services, but specifically KoreaMS, GlobalMS, MapleSEA and EuropeMS, in Content Speed Comparisons: KMS, GMS, MSEA, EMS . The last rankings were “Fastest Updating” and “Most Updated” Rankings: Q2 2011 .

Due to its closure on October 31 and the lack of updates since December 2010, BrazilMS has been removed from the rankings.

To quite understand what I mean by “fastest updating” and “most updated”, why I feel that EuropeMS remains the fastest updating service and why additional, original and exclusive content cannot be counted in how fast a MapleStory service updates (*cough* JapanMS), please read Content Speed Comparisons: KMS, GMS, MSEA, EMS.

Fastest Updating

Current Rank Service Move Since April 2011
1 Europe MapleStory
2 Global MapleStory
3 MapleStory South East Asia +5
4* China MapleStory +1
4* Taiwan MapleStory +1
6 Korea MapleStory -2
7 Japan MapleStory -4
8 Thailand MapleStory -1

*China MapleStory and Taiwan MapleStory are tied. This is not a mistake.

There has been a pretty major shakeup in the Fastest Updating rankings with JapanMS falling 4 places and MapleSEA rising 5.

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[BMS] Brazil MapleStory Closes This October

It has been a long and hard road for the Brazilian service of MapleStory since it was launched three years ago. Sadly, it has been announced that BrazilMS will shut down permanently on October 22, 2011. Nexon has decided not to renew the publishing contract with publisher Level Up! Games as Nexon is not happy with the performance and results of the game in Brazil since its launch.

BrazilMS had been closing players at a fast rate as they had not received any updates for quite a while. Their last update, which added the 4th job advancement, reached them in December 2010. Before that update, their last update was in Summer 2010. So they have only gotten one update in a year.

BrazilMS was listed as the slowest updating and least updated service of the game in my “Fastest Updating” and “Most Updated” Rankings: Q2 2011.

BrazilMS is the second service of MapleStory to close, after VietnamMS closed in September 2010.

The closure of MapleStory does not mean the death of the partnership between Level Up! Games and Nexon. It was just a few months ago that the two companies partnered to take Combat Arms to Brazil, which is good.

Farewell BrazilMS.