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[CAFB] 1,000,000 Likes

Congrats to the Combat Arms community on your achieving of one million (1,000,000) likes on the official Combat Arms Facebook page. Combat Arms is the first Nexon America game to achieve this and soon Combat Arms players will be able to take advantage of a weekend of 200% EXP and GP which will be announced soon.

With 164,696 likes, Combat Arms Europe is also Nexon Europe’s most liked game on Facebook.

C       O       M       B       A       T                          A       R       M       S

[ZI] Zoo Invasion Invades

Nexon has partnered with 6Waves, a social publisher which Nexon invested into earlier this year, for the launch of the tetris-like puzzle game Zoo Invasion on Facebook. Check it out, it’s really fun!

[MSFB] 800,000 Likes

MapleStory: 803,749 Likes
Mabinogi: 92,833 Likes
Combat Arms: 972,116 Likes
Dungeon Fighter: 95,936 Likes
Vindictus: 142,021 Likes
Atlantica: 175,412 Likes
Dragon Nest: 273,022 Likes
Sudden Attack: 24,336 Likes
MapleStory Adventures: 943,395 Likes + 320,000 MAU
Zombie Misfits:  31,019 Likes + 30,000 MAU
Wonder Cruise: 5,663 Likes + 20,000 MAU
Cloudstone: 920 Likes + 6,000 MAU
KartRider Dash: 6,921 Likes + 3,000 MAU

Total:  3,567,343 Likes + 379,000 MAU

MapleStory Europe: 34,386 Likes
Combat Arms Europe: 163,123 Likes
Vindictus Europe: 56,520 Likes
Atlantica Europe: 4,084 Likes

Total: 258,113 Likes

[KRD] Kart Rider Dash Closed Beta Begins March 28

The closed beta for Nexon’s anticipated social racing MMO Kart Rider Dash begins on Wednesday, March 28 at 5:30PM Pacific (8:30PM Eastern). At that point closed beta applications will be closed so be sure to check out the game page to sign up! Also, click the thumbnails below for previews of Kart Rider Dash!

[MSFB] 750,000 Likes

Facebook pages: Nexon America

Nexon: 37,001
MapleStory: 750,438 Likes
Mabinogi: 87,915 Likes
Combat Arms: 810,624 Likes
Dungeon Fighter: 72,814 Likes
Vindictus: 135,824 Likes
Dragon Nest: 239,734 Likes
Atlantica: 158,855 Likes
Sudden Attack: 16,231 Likes
MapleStory Adventures: 868,912 Likes
Zombie Misfits: 27,504 Likes
Wonder Cruise: 4,640 Likes

Total:  3,210,492

Facebook pages: Nexon Europe

Nexon Europe: 10,820 Likes
MapleStory Europe: 29,132 Likes
Combat Arms Europe: 131,080 Likes
Mabinogi Europe: 7,866 Likes
Vindictus Europe: 53,600 Likes

Total:  232,498 Likes

[NXFB] [KR] Nexon Taking KartRider To Facebook

An Inside Social Games Exclusive

After a tentative start on Facebook that includes MapleStory AdventuresZombie Misfits and Wonder Cruise, Korean free-to-play giant Nexon is ready to launch its popular KartRider franchise on the platform.

KartRider is an online multiplayer racing game that has racked up over 270 million registered since its 2004 launch. Players control a single kart and can race against human and computer controlled opponents in various gameplay modes. Nexon Mobile released an iOS version last year that topped 1 million downloads in a little over a week; Nexon reports that the game is now over 6.7 million. The Facebook version, KartRider Dash, is due out in March.

Nexon has taken its time finding footing on Facebook. Aside from launching MapleStory Adventures in 2011, the Korean publisher experimented with different ways to engage with the platform throughout the last year — including investing in developers A Bit Lucky and 6waves Lolapps and co-developing or publishing new IP for the platform. Results have been mixed with MapleStory Adventures performing well while Zombie Misfits struggled to find an audience and Wonder Cruise has yet to really set sail. Speaking to Inside Social Games, Nexon EVP of Social Games Aron Koh acknowledges the learning curve — but says “we can do better than what we’re doing now.”

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