Shanda Enters the SEA Market

Massive Chinese publisher Shanda Games will enter the South-East Asian market in 2011 with the help of Cherry Credits and three MMOs. Shanda recently licensed to publish FFXIV in China. Shanda Games has signed a contract with Cherry Credits to bring Storm Online, La Tale and iL: Soulbringer to SEA.

Storm Online features rich quests and some other systems that commonly seen in many other games, like the mount system, PvP, dungeons, etc. Latale Online is a cartoon style side-scrolling MMO that allows you to decorate your characters with tons of fashion items. Dungeon and pets are also part of the game. Currently, OGPlanet‘s operating the game’s NA and EU version. Among the 3 games, Storm Online will be the first to meet Southeast Asia as the game will start closed beta on December 16th. Latale Online just set up a teaser site while iL Soulbringer just confirmed the SEA version.

Many players of Nexon games have been patiently awaiting the North American service of Dragon Nest. Shanda Games publishes Dragon Nest in China, and have acquired the Dragon Nest development, Eyedentity Games. Nexon America has delayed Dragon Nest indefinitely so it is possible that the world’s first English service of the game will arrive in South-East Asia if Shanda Games and Cherry Credits decide to take it over there. Hurry up Nexon America! We need Dragon Nest. If you want to play foreign services of Dragon Nest while you wait for the North American service, here are the publishers:

Korea: Nexon
Japan: NHN Japan
China: Shanda
Taiwan/Hong Kong: Gamania
North America (Upcoming): Nexon America


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