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[NLS] New Leaf Saga Episode 12: “Beta Test”

[BB] Blabber Box Episode 6

At long last, Blabber Box returns with healthy doses of hijinks and haiku. See a New Leaf Saga short, take a peek at the Combat Arms event Spiders vs. Scorpions, glimpse a teaser for the new season of Testers, and much, much more.

[BB] BlabberBox Episode 5!

  • Luis explains the reason for the delay between episodes, and takes an innovative approach to managing his workload.
  • 1:49 – Combat Arms Mercs debate the merits of bunny hopping as a combat strategy.
  • 3:36 – Watch the eighth episode of MapleStorys New Leaf Saga– Need for Steed
  • 8:47 – In its latest installment, Testers promises new beginnings to some and severed ties for others.
  • 18:28 – The Sophisticated Gamer discusses entering the hallowed halls of in-game marriage.
  • 19:39 – Meet the Zombie Misfits and get to know the stars of this guns blazing, undead skull crushing, face melting soiree!

[BB] Blabber Box Mini 4 is Here!

On Friday, MapleStory celebrates 80 years of service with a class warfare event. Level any of the 42,843 character classes to level 800 and get yourself a vintage Rebecca Black tattoo.

[BB] Blabber Box Episode 4

It’s hilarious, unless you don’t understand what the heck is going on.

I love this episode of Testers, and the future reports on their games. So funny… Happy Nexon gaming!

[BB] Blabber Box Mini 3

No, not Black Berry. Blabber Box! Blabber Box Mini 3 is here and the next full episode is coming soon!