[GMS 1.04] Legends

The trailer for the Legends update in Global MapleStory has now been made available to the public.

Check out the teaser page!

Cannoneer Welcome Party

November 16 – November 30

The Cannoneer’s legendary moment is almost here! Support this pirate and his trusty monkey in their quest for fame and glory by “Liking” the MapleStory Facebook page!


If the MapleStory Facebook page reaches 700,000 Likes by November 30, we will host an 8-hour 2x EXP and drop weekend on December 3 and 4 to get your characters ready to welcome the Cannoneer to Maple World. As a bonus,you will also be able receive an exclusive decorative item if you reach level 10 as a Cannoneer by December 9.


  • MapleStory Facebook page reaches 700,000 Likes by November 30.


  • 8-hour 2x EXP and Drop event on the weekend of December 3 and 4.
  • Exclusive decorative item if you reach level 10 as a Cannoneer by December 9.

Get a head start in preparing for the Cannoneer’s arrival. “Like” the page and tell your friends to help us launch Legends!

Cannoneers arrive in Global MapleStory on December 7!

M   A   P   L   E   S   T   O   R   Y:     L   E   G   E   N   D   S


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  1. typo ? reach level 10 before december 9…
    So wait,. you give us 2 days the time, to get to level 10 .. wich takes us like … 4 minuts ?

    • It’s not really that they give us 2 days to reach level 10. It’s more like they give us two days after the class is released to make one and then level it to 10. They don’t assume that people will make these characters in the first day they’re released and they don’t assume that people will have the 15 minutes to level their character to 10 right after it’s released.

      • But it is and stays kind of stupid. I mean. Who is so slow that it takes them 3 hours to complete the tutorial ! I mean … come on -,-
        Also. I have to say that I have hard time getting used to your new backgroudn and format of your blog. The white makes it look cool and all, but it is hard for me to see the borders of where one posts ends, and where a new one begins. It’s like the text is floating now.. Just like what happened to youtube. Before you could easily see the brackets of the comments, but right now (since 2 years or something) the comments are floating in -white space-… Maybe if you could give your posts a other kind of background, or make a black line around the post on the main page… Because right now it is really hard for me to see where a new posts begins… I really like the new more uipdated look it has, i really do, only the post brackets, howmany comments there are (wich could usualy be seen next to the title of the post on the main page) and what the next and previous post is (on the bottom of a post, above the comment).. Those things are really hard to see IMO 😉

        • Yeah, I’ve been getting positive feedback about the theme change but I do agree that there are issues with this current plan and the top of the front page looks untidy. I’ll be experimenting on how I can make these things better soon. I’ve actually started already by removing ‘Be pro. Be a fan. Get some NX today!” tagline that appeared beside the blog name at the top because it just didn’t fit in anymore. But you’ll be seeing it in more posts from now on. But I really like the new theme so I can’t really change all that much, but I’ll do what I can.

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