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Nexon America Launches Teaser Site for “The Shattering”

“Project Bluestreak” is now well on its way to service. This as Nexon America has launched a teaser site for “The Shattering” ( along with the Cliff Bleszinski founded Boss Key Productions. What exactly “The Shattering” is remains a mystery though as Bleszinski himself insists this is not the title of the production we’ve come to know as “Project Bluestreak”. Regardless, this is a very intriguing and highly anticipated teaser and more information will be unveiled in the coming days. Details will be revealed at 12pm ET each day from Monday to Wednesday with that Wednesday reveal expected to be the biggie, when the countdown on the teaser site finally reaches 0.

The partnership between Blue Streak and Nexon was announced back in July 2014. It was said then that “Bluestreak” is a free-to-play first-person arena shooter for the PC.