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[DN] [VINEU] Dragon Nest Officially Launched By Nexon America + Vindictus Europe Open Beta Begins!

Dragon Nest Officially Launched

The North American service of the fast paced action dungeon crawling MMORPG Dragon Nest has been officially launched.

With this launch comes some fun new events and lots of new content including the highly anticipated region of Saint’s Haven.

Event: Cache and Carry

Date: September 28October 2, 2011 Pacific

Details: With new dungeons to conquer, you’re about to have your hands full with a lot of new loot! To help you carry all that stuff, any characters created during this event period will receive 10 bonus inventory slots absolutely free!

Note: Inventory slots will be awarded during the October 5 maintenance.

Event: Buried Treasure

Date: October 2, 2011, 12:01 AM – 11:59 PM Pacific

Details: Make sure you don’t lose out when you try to use your new treasure with the fifteen free 7-day Item Protection Jellies. Craft, enhance, and get some of those elusive item achievements without worrying about breaking your precious goodies!

Note: Item Protection Jellies will be awarded during the October 5 maintenance.

Event: Power Play Weekend

Date: October 1 – 2, 2011

Details: Hit ‘em hard and hit ‘em fast in the first weekend of Dragon Nest’s official “live” service! Just log in with any character and get 300 extra PWR points to use in new dungeons, in PvP or anywhere in Altera to score extra EXP and loot!

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[DN] Dragon Nest America Launches Officially on September 28

Good news everyone! Nexon America will launch the official service of Dragon Nest’s North American servers next Wednesday, September 28. Nexon will also perform some big new updates which include a new central town (Saint’s Haven), 10 new danger-filled dungeons, a level cap increase to 32 and over 500 new quests. New skills will be unlocked for all subclasses.

Players will also be able to enjoy a series of celebratory in-game events starting next Wednesday, September 28th. Bonus empowerment points, which award additional EXP, cash item giveaways and more are planned to celebrate the launch.

I haven’t been playing Dragon Nest America or Dragon Nest SEA recently because of my busy schedule. I plan to play in the future though, hopefully becoming active again once September is finally over.

D  R  A  G  O  N                 N  E  S  T

[DN] Dragon Nest Open Beta Launched

It’s not arguable that Dragon Nest has achieved massive success across Asia since it was first launched in Korea in March 2010, accumulating over 60 million registered users and 800,000 concurrent users in just 16 months. Incredible. Now it’s time for the world’s fastest growing action online game to take on the North American market. Nexon America has opened the game’s first three North American servers as of midday on Tuesday, July 26, 2011.

This hasn’t exactly been a smoothly running first day of open beta though as there is a lot of lag currently being experienced by many players, including me. Many players also cannot even get onto the game and some are even having problems patching their closed beta client. Oh well, it IS beta.

There are three servers currently open for North America players, Velskud (Western North America), Argenta (Eastern North America) and Gerrant (Eastern North America). Why there would be more Eastern servers than Western, I don’t know, but I’m sure Nexon knows that they’re doing.

Open Beta Update Notes

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[DN] Dragon Nest SEA Closed Beta is Open! + DN America Dev. Blog

The Dragon Nest SEA closed beta has ended. Open beta is coming soon!

Join the discussion.


The Dragon Nest SEA closed beta, published by Shanda Games, has entered its closed beta phase on Wednesday, July 13, 2011 at 6:00AM GMT. It will run until Tuesday, July 19.

The game client is now available for beta testers at the official website which can be viewed at

DN Point Giveaway

Dragon Nest SEA closed beta testers will receive 1,000 DN Points for every day that they log into the closed beta. These DN Points can be used in the game’s cash shop when it opens in open beta.

Heroes of Beta Title

The Heroes of Beta title is a title that will be rewarded to closed beta testers when open beta launches if we meet some requirements. This title adds 2 to each stat and is permanent.


1. Log in everyday from July 13 to July 19.
2. Achieve level 24 in the game. It’s harder than it sounds if you’re comparing it to MapleStory or some other games.

Beta Pledge

Stand tall and proud CBT players, and take the Dragon Nest SEA Closed Beta Pledge, for your job is crucial and goes a long way to ensure utmost fun to millions of players around the world.

The Closed Beta phase of any game serves to improve and trouble-shoot any existing bugs and/or technical problems in the game or service. As a Dragon Nest SEA Closed Beta player, you pledge to:

  • Embrace the objective of seeking out bugs, provide feedback and to stress-test the limitation of the game service during the CBT period.
  • Be patient with bugs, technical problems and roll-backs during the CBT period.
  • Be understanding when your account is wiped after CBT.
  • Be proud of being the pioneer batch of players to experience the game before anyone else.
  • Provide feedback and report bugs in our forum.
  • Refrain from flaunting your CBT rewards too much in OBT. (It’s not nice to get people too jealous.)

Now, let’s give it your best for Lagendia!

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