[DN] Dragon Nest SEA (Global) Open Beta Begins On August 16!

The Dragon Nest SEA (Global) open beta is finally here. The servers will be opened on August 16, 2011 at the following times:
2:00PM GMT +8 – Singapore, Malaysia
6:00AM GMT
7:00AM BST (GMT +1) – United Kingdom, Western Europe
2:00AM EDT (GMT -4) – Eastern North America

Dragon SEA will serve as the Global service of Dragon Nest and will be available to everyone who is playing from outside of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand.

The closed beta client may be patched to the open beta client by simply launching the client. It will patch automatically. If for any reason the patch fails, you have already uninstalled your closed beta client or you never had the closed beta client installed, you may download the open beta client at http://dn.cherrycredits.com/download.php. The open beta game system requirements can be viewed at http://dn.cherrycredits.com/beginners_guide.php#system-requirements.

Open Beta Updates
Guild System:
Forge your own community with the Guild System and take down formidable enemies in the dungeons. Start off with a basic guild of 20 members and recruit more as your guild level increases!

Trading House:
Calling all budding entrepreneur! Trade and sell your gears and precious items in the Trading House and soon you will be on the road to riches! You never know what bargains you can get in the Trading House.

Affinity System:
Build up your friendship with NPCs in town to receive exclusive rewards and discounts when you patronize their services! Psst, it’s not a bad idea to start befriending your friendly neighborhood Blacksmith and Merchant!

Cash Shop:
Accessorize and customize yourself in Lagendia’s latest fashion gears!
* More inventory bags and storage space; a must have for aspiring adventurers.
* Trade rare and epic gears with the Stamp Seals!
* Discounted beginner packages for a limited time period only!

Official website (http://dn.cherrycredits.com ) Visit regularly!
Official Youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/dragonnestsea) Subscribe!
Official Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/dragonnestsea) Like!


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  1. what is open beta again >?
    does this mean that it won’t close again ??

    • The open beta is usually the phase of beta testing right before a game’s official launch during which everyone is allowed to play the game without any special requirements (except maybe paying in a pay-to-play game). The open beta usually opens right into the official service and character data is usually carried over from open beta to official service. This is opposed to closed beta where users are selected/must activate their accounts to participate in the testing and the game is usually closed following the closed beta and all character data is wiped.

      Of course some companies do things a little differently. The Eden Eternal closed beta of Aeria Games was open to everyone. Global MapleStory’s character data was wiped during the transition from open beta to official service.

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