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[DN SEA] Academic Coming To The Global Service!

Shanda Games hinted at it recently and it has now been announced that the Academic class will arrive in the Global service of one of the most successful free-to-play games in the world, Dragon Nest SEA. The update will take place on April 24, 2012.

Players interested in the Global service of Dragon Nest see

First launching in South Korea on March 4, 2010, Eyedentity Games-developed Dragon Nest has achieved over 700,000 concurrent users in China and has won several game awards across Asia. Just over 2 years since its worldwide premier the game has achieved over 100 million registered users and become the third most profitable online game in South Korea behind only Dungeon Fighter Online (Nexon) and MapleStory (Nexon) by achieving a cumulative profit of 100 billion KRW. This over multiple services as the game has broken a global service record with localized services for South Korea (Nexon), China (Shanda), Japan (NHN), Thailand (AsiaSoft), North America and Oceania (Nexon), South-East-Asia (doubling as a ‘Global’ service) (Shanda) and Russia ( and has been licensed for publishing in Indonesia (KREON).

Eyedentity Games has unveiled its second game which is being published by NHN in South Korea. I am hopeful that this game, Dungeon Striker, will quickly makes its way to North America.

[DN] Dragon Nest SEA (Global): Saint’s Haven Arrives On Oct. 18

Shanda Games, the publisher of the South East Asian service of Dragon Nest which doubles as the Global service, has announced that the new region of Saint Haven will be arriving on October 18.

The game’s level cap will be risen to 32 and Saint Haven will be accessible to players at the current level cap of 24 or higher. New skills can of course be unlocked as you level up towards the new cap.

The North American service of Dragon Nest published by Nexon America received its Saint’s Haven update in late September. The details of the patches may not be the same but for a preview of the full content that will likely come with this update to the SEA service click on the banner below:

[DN] Dragon Nest SEA (Global) Open Beta Begins On August 16!

The Dragon Nest SEA (Global) open beta is finally here. The servers will be opened on August 16, 2011 at the following times:
2:00PM GMT +8 – Singapore, Malaysia
6:00AM GMT
7:00AM BST (GMT +1) – United Kingdom, Western Europe
2:00AM EDT (GMT -4) – Eastern North America

Dragon SEA will serve as the Global service of Dragon Nest and will be available to everyone who is playing from outside of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand.

The closed beta client may be patched to the open beta client by simply launching the client. It will patch automatically. If for any reason the patch fails, you have already uninstalled your closed beta client or you never had the closed beta client installed, you may download the open beta client at The open beta game system requirements can be viewed at

Open Beta Updates
Guild System:
Forge your own community with the Guild System and take down formidable enemies in the dungeons. Start off with a basic guild of 20 members and recruit more as your guild level increases!

Trading House:
Calling all budding entrepreneur! Trade and sell your gears and precious items in the Trading House and soon you will be on the road to riches! You never know what bargains you can get in the Trading House.

Affinity System:
Build up your friendship with NPCs in town to receive exclusive rewards and discounts when you patronize their services! Psst, it’s not a bad idea to start befriending your friendly neighborhood Blacksmith and Merchant!

Cash Shop:
Accessorize and customize yourself in Lagendia’s latest fashion gears!
* More inventory bags and storage space; a must have for aspiring adventurers.
* Trade rare and epic gears with the Stamp Seals!
* Discounted beginner packages for a limited time period only!

Official website ( ) Visit regularly!
Official Youtube channel ( Subscribe!
Official Facebook page ( Like!

[DN] Dragon Nest SEA Closed Beta is Open! + DN America Dev. Blog

The Dragon Nest SEA closed beta has ended. Open beta is coming soon!

Join the discussion.


The Dragon Nest SEA closed beta, published by Shanda Games, has entered its closed beta phase on Wednesday, July 13, 2011 at 6:00AM GMT. It will run until Tuesday, July 19.

The game client is now available for beta testers at the official website which can be viewed at

DN Point Giveaway

Dragon Nest SEA closed beta testers will receive 1,000 DN Points for every day that they log into the closed beta. These DN Points can be used in the game’s cash shop when it opens in open beta.

Heroes of Beta Title

The Heroes of Beta title is a title that will be rewarded to closed beta testers when open beta launches if we meet some requirements. This title adds 2 to each stat and is permanent.


1. Log in everyday from July 13 to July 19.
2. Achieve level 24 in the game. It’s harder than it sounds if you’re comparing it to MapleStory or some other games.

Beta Pledge

Stand tall and proud CBT players, and take the Dragon Nest SEA Closed Beta Pledge, for your job is crucial and goes a long way to ensure utmost fun to millions of players around the world.

The Closed Beta phase of any game serves to improve and trouble-shoot any existing bugs and/or technical problems in the game or service. As a Dragon Nest SEA Closed Beta player, you pledge to:

  • Embrace the objective of seeking out bugs, provide feedback and to stress-test the limitation of the game service during the CBT period.
  • Be patient with bugs, technical problems and roll-backs during the CBT period.
  • Be understanding when your account is wiped after CBT.
  • Be proud of being the pioneer batch of players to experience the game before anyone else.
  • Provide feedback and report bugs in our forum.
  • Refrain from flaunting your CBT rewards too much in OBT. (It’s not nice to get people too jealous.)

Now, let’s give it your best for Lagendia!

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