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[TwMS] Sengoku Era: Kanna, Hayato

Gamania revently opened the teaser site for the upcoming Taiwan MapleStory Sengoku Era updates, revealing that the Kanna class will be released on April 3 while Hayato will follow on April 17. This will make the Taiwanese service of the game the second service  outside of the original Japan to receive these classes. More details will be revealed soon.

The update’s teaser page can be accessed at

[TwMS] Tempest

Taiwan MapleStory has recently been going through its Tempest updates! Just last week on January 16 our Taiwanese friends saw the arrival of the Kaiser class. One week later on this Wednesday, January 23, the Luminous class will arrive and two weeks after that will see the arrival of the Angelic Buster class on February 6. Similar events to which were seen in other services of the game with have gone through or are going through the Tempest series of updates are being implemented in TaiwanMS.

The campaign site can be seen at

TwMS Kaiser

This means that MapleStory South East Asia is now the only service of the game not to have any part of the Tempest update.


[CMS 1.05] [TwMS 1.49] Mihile

China MapleStory and Taiwan MapleStory have continued their pattern of updating the same major content on the same day by both receiving the Mihile class on September 19. The updates were quite similar to Global MapleStory’s New Dawn update which arrived on September 5.

[TwMS 1.43] [CMS 1.00] Advance of the Union

I’m a little late on this. I honestly wasn’t expecting it so I wasn’t looking out for it. But Taiwan MapleStory and China MapleStory have received their first Advance of the Union update on February 29, 2012. This despite the fact that they do not yet have the Arkarium boss.

Check out the campaign sites at (Tw) and (C).

Both of these services ended their Legends updates on February 1. Interesting how quickly they’ve moved from Legends into Union.

Meanwhile, ThailandMS which received Big Bang in March 2011 and the Mechanic update soon after has yet to receive any more content updates.

[CMS] [TwMS] Remaining Legends Updates Release Months

Global MapleStory, China MapleStory and Taiwan MapleStory all receive the first Legends update, Cannoneers, on December 7, 2011. Although it has been confirmed that GlobalMS will receive their second and third Legends updates on December 19 and in early January, respectively, Shanda Games and Gamania have announced that the Mercedes and Demon Slayer updates in ChinaMS and TaiwanMS will be released in January 2012 and February 2012, respectively.

[TwMS] Legend

On December 7, 2011, the same day as Global MapleStory’s first Legends update, Taiwan MapleStory will also be receiving their first Legend update, containing the Cannoneer class. Although it hasn’t yet been announced, I have a feeling that China MapleStory will also get their first Legend update on this day, maybe a week after.

Check out the TaiwanMS website