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[MSU] msupdate’s Top 5 Free MMO Publishers in North America To Watch

For previous releases in the msupdate’s Top 5 series, see the msupdate’s Top 5 Lists page.

Note: Only publishers of online games with offices in North America that publish specifically in free-to-play games sustained solely by optional microtransactions are applicable.

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[G-N] Allods Online is Official Pay-to-Play

Ever since 2001 when Nexon debuted the free-to-pay business model and other companies bashed them and told them it would not work but then they saw Nexon’s success they reverted over to free-to-play without once saying “Sorry Nexon for doubting you” or “Thanks Nexon for the idea of F2P!”, we have moved from seeing the majority of game being P2P to the majority of games being free. We’re also now seeing some popular P2P games making the move over the F2P like Dungeons & Dragons Online and The Lord of the Rings Online, both from Turbine.
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