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[IMS] Lytogame To Publish MapleStory In Indonesia

Lytogame, a leading publisher of free-to-play online games in Indonesia, will be publishing MapleStory in that region. The teaser site can be viewed at

Other games published by Lytogame include Cross Fire, Ragnarok Online and Perfect World.

[CMS 1.11] Cygnus Returns

The promo site for China MapleStory’s Cygnus Returns update has been launched by publisher Shanda Games. Check it out at

[TwMS] Sengoku Era: Kanna, Hayato

Gamania revently opened the teaser site for the upcoming Taiwan MapleStory Sengoku Era updates, revealing that the Kanna class will be released on April 3 while Hayato will follow on April 17. This will make the Taiwanese service of the game the second service  outside of the original Japan to receive these classes. More details will be revealed soon.

The update’s teaser page can be accessed at

[TwMS] Tempest

Taiwan MapleStory has recently been going through its Tempest updates! Just last week on January 16 our Taiwanese friends saw the arrival of the Kaiser class. One week later on this Wednesday, January 23, the Luminous class will arrive and two weeks after that will see the arrival of the Angelic Buster class on February 6. Similar events to which were seen in other services of the game with have gone through or are going through the Tempest series of updates are being implemented in TaiwanMS.

The campaign site can be seen at

TwMS Kaiser

This means that MapleStory South East Asia is now the only service of the game not to have any part of the Tempest update.


[CMST 0.71] Root Abyss

China MapleStory’s test server has received the new region Root Abyss which is slated to enter the Korea MapleStory test server soon.

cmst 071_sleepywood_regionmap

The entrance to Root Abyss is the large hallow tree trunk in the Sleepywood town area in the top left of the regional map above. The trunk is accessible via a path leading from the path to the entrance of Ant Tunnel.

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[JMS] Tempest Starting This Month

Nexon Japan has revealed the teaser site for the upcoming Tempest update which will land in Japan MapleStory starting later this month. The updates will include the Luminous, Kaiser and Angelic Buster classes. No dates for the release of these updates has yet been revealed but the teaser videos can be viewed below.