[SNDA] [DSK] Dungeon Striker To China

Shanda Games is really becoming a force on the worldwide stage. With their acquisition of Eyedentity Games in 2010 and their massive launches of Dragon Nest in China and South East Asia, Shanda continues to push to become a global publisher of games. Shanda has announced that they do plan on bringing the newest online game from Eyedentity Games, Dungeon Striker, to the Chinese market in 2012. This follows Dragon Nest’s growing to become one of the biggest online games in China after its launch in August 2010. When Dungeon Striker is launched it will join games such as MapleStory, Dragon Nest, Sudden Attack, PopTag!, Get Amped II, Tales Runner, Bubble Fighter, Aion, La Tale, Ragnarok Online, Mir II, Mir III, Final Fantasy XIV, Dragon Ball Online and more on Shanda’s Chinese game portal.

This would be an excellent game to bring to North America in my opinion. Come on Nexon. Sign it! It shouldn’t be too hard considering your relationship with Shanda and Eyedentity. Make plans for Cyphers while you’re at it. While doing that organize for a high quality MOBA (DotA-style) RTS.

See https://msupdate.wordpress.com/2012/04/05/eye-dsk-dungeon-striker-announced/ for more information on Dungeon Striker.


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  1. Zach! I like your new blog design! It looks amazing. 😀

    And could this be on your “Top 5 Nexon Games To Bring To Nexon America”? We need that #5!

    • Thanks :). I like it too.

      But it’s not technically a Nexon game. I would consider it a ‘Nexon game’ if it met at least one of the following criteria:

      1. It was developed by a subsidiary of Nexon. (Eyedentity Games is owned by Shanda Games)
      2. It is published in Korea, Japan or Europe by Nexon. (Published in Korea by NHN)

      I honestly expected more criteria to jump out of my head but I can’t think of any.

  2. Oh, I thought EyeDentity games was a subsidiary to Nexon. Whoops! Seeing how Nexon only publishes games for other Nexon branches, I don’t expect Nexon to sign it. But you never know if another company will bring it over to NA!

    • But Eyedentity isn’t a subsidiary, therefore Dragon Nest is an external game. Audition was also an external game back when Nexon published it. Any others? Hmm let me run through…

      MapleStory – developed by Wizet (check)
      Audition – T3 game (no check)
      KartRider – developed by Nexon (check)
      Mabinogi – developed by DevCat (check)
      Combat Arms – developed by Doobic (check)
      Sugar Rush – produced by Humanature (Nexon Canada) (check)
      iTCG – developed by Nexonova (check)
      PopTag – developed by Nexon (check)
      DFO – developed by Neople (check)
      Vindictus – developed by DevCat (check)
      Atlantica – developed by Ndoors (check)
      Dragon Nest – developed by Eyedentity (no check)
      Sudden Attack – developed by Gamehi (check)

      So yeah it’s only Dragon Nest and Audition. Oh yeah! The upcoming Shadow Company is also external. Wait, nvm, it’s not. Doobic develops it…

      • Is this a mini battle? 😛 Eh, I probably just won so whatever.

        Here’s the thing. EVERY SINGLE Nexon NA game is also in Nexon Korea! Since dungeon striker is not in Nexon Korea, Nexon NA won’t sign it. I’m pretty positive. It’d be a nice treat if they did though.

        • I don’t think that’s a good reason. Nexon America’s games tend to also be serviced by Nexon Korea just because the developers of the games are partners/subsidiaries of Nexon and Nexon knows how to use their influence to work their way into publishing a game they publish in one region in other regions that they feel will suit them. Por ejemplo, Dragon Nest. In 2007, 3 years before Dragon Nest made its worldwide service premier in Korea, Nexon signed the game for Korea and North America. I’m quite sure that if Nexon Europe had fully established itself at that time Nexon probably would’ve agreed to publish it there too.

          Besides, Atlantica and the upcoming Shadow Company aren’t published by Nexon Korea. Both of those games are/will be published by Nexon in NA, Europe and Japan though. But they both have different publishers in Korea. Atlantica is self-published by Gamehi and Shadow Company is published by CJ E&M. I don’t think Nexon would be cruel enough to take Shadow Company away from CJ E&M considering that Nexon took away one of the most successful Asian online games, Sudden Attack, from them last year.

          So with all that said, LET’S GO DUNGEON STRIKER!! WOOOOOOO!!!! 😀

          BTW, what email address can I contact you on again? The one that starts with a _?

          • The one that starts with an a_ is my backup account. Used for things that spam your inbox. (Gravatar promos, I dont want that on my main one.
            My main one has the numbers “107” in it


            ..Okay. I say you win this one! Good job on convincing me! GO DUNGEON STRIKER!

            Nexon, sign it. And Chypers while your at it!

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