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[VIN] Vindictus in the News 2

If after reading all this you still think that any other F2P MMO is better than Vindictus then I suggest that you pick up your computer and push it somewhere else.

Vindictus Preview – Enter the Next Generation

It’s a special time in the life of the MMOG genre. We’re seeing games getting bigger. They’re growing hair in areas where there used to be no hair. They’re paying more attention to how they look. They’re constantly thinking about other games and how to impress or one-up them. That’s right; our MMOGs have hit puberty and Vindictus by Nexon is one of the first games of the season to start showing signs of the magical journey to MMO adulthood. It’s exciting, inspired, and unique. But, as one might expect during this stage in life, the Celtic inspired game also suffers from a dose of awkwardness.

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[NX] Nexon in the News

This week Nexon released data about the incredible number of people worldwide who are enjoying Dungeon Fighter Online. Sure enough, the press responded, talking about the ongoing beta and how much fun the game already is. PC World also talked to our CEO about MapleWorld and the future of the company.

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[NX] Broadcasting Free Games

Nexon America discusses the global growth of gaming as part of major broadcasting conference, NAB Show

Broadcasting professionals can learn about the global growth of video games when Nexon America CEO, Daniel Kim, speaks at NAB Show on Wednesday, April 12 at 3:30 p.m. at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Kim will discuss the globalization of gaming as part of the session,“Global Games: How International Markets Are Playing a Leading Role.” Kim is joined by IGFun CEO, Sean Malatesta, and Wanda Meloni, Founder&Senior Analyst for M2 Research. Video game industry veteran Dale Strang, who is currently CEO of Viximo, will moderate the panel.

Nexon currently services games in more than 71 countries. It has developed and published free-to-play blockbusters, including MapleStory, Dungeon Fighter Online and KartRider.

“We frequently compare our popular, long-running game services to serial television programming,” Kim said.“NAB Show is a great opportunity for us to share our view as the worldwide leader in free-to-play, online gaming.”

NAB Show (National Association of Broadcasters) has existed for over 80 years and draws over 80,000 digital media professionals from over 157 countries to gather and examine filmed entertainment and the development, management and delivery of content across all mediums. Complete details are available at

About Nexon America, Inc.

Nexon America Inc. is the North American publishing arm of Nexon Group, a pioneer of interactive entertainment software and the world’s leader in massively multiplayer online games. Based in Los Angeles, Nexon America was founded in 2005 to bring the best of online entertainment to the North American audience. The company’s growing library of titles includes the world famous franchise MapleStory, the new fantasy life of Mabinogi, the fast-paced, first-person shooter Combat Arms and the online, arcade-style multiplayer, hyper-puzzle action game PopTag!. The foundation of all Nexon America titles is the item selling business model, in which users access the full game for free and can later opt to pay for game enhancements.


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[NXJP] Nexon Aims to Grip No. 1 Position in Japanese Online Game Market

Reported by Telecoms Korea

Nexon, the South Korean online game giant, aims to consolidate its position as the top company in the Japanese on-line game market by launching new services and active promotion, its top Japanese operations manager said Monday.

“Sales in 2009 increased by 95 percent in won terms or 30 to 35 percent in yen terms from a year earlier,” said Choi Seung-woo, chief of Nexon Japan, in a meeting with reporters in Tokyo. “We aim to secure the status as the No. 1 company in the Japanese on-line game market.”

Nexon Japan, established in 1999 as the Japanese unit of Nexon, has seen its sales grow an average 48 percent since 2005. Its sales surpassed 10 billion yen (US$110.36 million) last year, seeing it beat its South Korean rival of the Internet-based game portal Hangame Japan.

“We achieved the targeted goal of 10 billion yen in sales, but the figure was not satisfactory to me,” Choi said, presenting his company’s goal of becoming a disputed market leader.

The number of Japanese subscribers came to 10 million by the end of last year, more than double from a year earlier, and can be attributed to the launch of the official service of the game titled “Dungeon & Fighter” in Japan.

Despite the economic downturn in Japan, its on-line game market which takes up a mere 6 percent in the overall gaming industry, is expected to reach US$1 billion next year.

Nexon Japan, which plans to make an inroad into such new markets as mobile games and actively promote its services through TV ads, has agreed to sponsor Chiba Lotte Marines, a pro baseball team in Japan, to enhance its brand image, the CEO said.

“We will develop and launch any contents that Japanese customers would have interest in,” he said. “We will strive to win public trust and recognition as a desirable service provider.”

[DFO] MMOSite Reports DFO’s Coming of 197 Million

200+ Million Subscribers? Not a Dream for Dungeon Fighter Online

Edit by Zach: Although MMOSite says that DFO is only serviced in 4 regions (Korea, Japan, China, America), it is actually also serviced in Taiwan. That means it’s serviced in a total of 5 regions worldwide.

Nexon America announced on April 7 that Dungeon Fighter Online would start its commercial operation in North America in June. Till now, Dungeon Fighter Online has attracted 197 million subscribers around the world, quite close to the Brazilian population – 198 million announced in 2009. This is really significant, since Dungeon Fighter Online is being served in only 4 countries and regions now, i.e. South Korea, China, Japan and North America.

For Dungeon Fighter Online videos

Nexon America launched the closed beta of Dungeon Fighter Online in North America in July, 2009, with the open beta following in September, 2009. To guarantee smooth operation, Nexon America plans to arrange servers in the eastern U.S. and start the commercial operation there in June this year.

Full SizeDungeon Fighter Online

What’s more, among the Korean MMOs, KartRider, a racing MMO made by Nexon, has achieved 200+ million subscribers worldwide, while the time-honored dancing MMO Audition 150+ million and Nexon’s adventure MMO MapleStory nearly 100 million.

Full SizeDungeon Fighter Online

[DFO] 197 Million!

Nexon has announced that Dungeon Fighter Online (Dungeon & Fighter in Korea, China, Taiwan; Arad Senki in Japan) has reached 197 million running users worldwide. That’s approx. 100 million more than MapleStory.
It was last year when Nexon America was launching Dungeon Fighter here in America that Min Kim (VP of Nexon America) described the game as “the most popular MMO in the world and no body knows about it”.
It is also said that the game had reached a world record 2 million concurrent users in China, and 200, 000 concurrent users in Korea.

In an interview with Min Kim earlier this year, he said that Dungeon Fighter is doing extremely well in North America and is currently in the most successful open beta that Nexon America has ever serviced. I hope we’ll be seeing an official launch of North American Dungeon Fighter in this half of the year.