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[EYE] Unreal Engine 3 Licensed For 3rd Game

Eyedentity Games, the developer of Dragon Nest and Dungeon Striker, has licensed the Unreal Engine 3 for their third title, confirmed to be in development in April. Despite the blowout success that Dragon Nest is worldwide and the high quality of both Dragon Nest and Dungeon Striker, Eyedentity has said that this new game will be their best title yet. That has me realllllllllly excited to see what this turns out to be.

The three lead developers at Eyedentity for this game are all from Nexon and previously worked on games such as Vindictus and Mabinogi. Eyedentity is currently in the process of acquiring new employees for the project.

[SNDA] [DSK] Dungeon Striker To China

Shanda Games is really becoming a force on the worldwide stage. With their acquisition of Eyedentity Games in 2010 and their massive launches of Dragon Nest in China and South East Asia, Shanda continues to push to become a global publisher of games. Shanda has announced that they do plan on bringing the newest online game from Eyedentity Games, Dungeon Striker, to the Chinese market in 2012. This follows Dragon Nest’s growing to become one of the biggest online games in China after its launch in August 2010. When Dungeon Striker is launched it will join games such as MapleStory, Dragon Nest, Sudden Attack, PopTag!, Get Amped II, Tales Runner, Bubble Fighter, Aion, La Tale, Ragnarok Online, Mir II, Mir III, Final Fantasy XIV, Dragon Ball Online and more on Shanda’s Chinese game portal.

This would be an excellent game to bring to North America in my opinion. Come on Nexon. Sign it! It shouldn’t be too hard considering your relationship with Shanda and Eyedentity. Make plans for Cyphers while you’re at it. While doing that organize for a high quality MOBA (DotA-style) RTS.

See for more information on Dungeon Striker.