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[MSA 2.4] Thief and Archer Classes Arrive

The thief and archer classes have arrived in MapleStory Adventures, the Facebook adaptation of popular 2D side-scrolling online game MapleStory. The game is published by Nexon America. MapleStory Adventures is looking more and more like its downloadable MMO counterpart with every update adding new maps, new features or new events. Also included in the v2.4 update are the ability to create multiple characters, an item storage system and bug fixes.

MapleStory Adventures currently has 470,000 monthly active users and 892,000 likes. It hopes to have some of its nearly 3,000,000 monthly active users from several months ago return actively to the game.

[ZM] [MSA] Zombie Misfits Open Beta Live + MapleStory Adventures Update 1.13

The open beta of the anticipated Facebook tower-defense strategy game Zombie Misfits has been launched by Nexon America. Zombie Misfits is being launched several months after the release of MapleStory Adventures, the successful Facebook adaption of popular 2D side-scrolling MMORPG MapleStory. Also a few months ago was the pre-beta of Wonder Cruise, another Facebook game from Nexon America. Wonder Cruise was a disappointment in its pre-beta and no information on an open beta release has yet been released.

Check out Zombie Misfits and MapleStory Adventures, and keep posted for information on the open beta of Wonder Cruise as it becomes available!

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[MSA] [MB2] Nexon Previews Upcoming MapleStory Adventures Content + Mabinogi 2 To Be Unveiled at G-Star 2011

Nexon America has previewed lots of upcoming content for MapleStory just days after the new region of Sky Scraper and the Korean language option beta were added to the game and the game surpassed 3 million monthly active users. Nexon has announced that new classes, multiple character slots, personal spaces that players can customize and language options of Spanish, French, German, Chinese and more will also be coming soon.

Keep posted to the MapleStory Adventures Facebook page for more information and to play!

With only 50 days to do before South Korea’s largest game expo, G-Star, it has been revealed by Nexon that it will be official unveiling the long announced Mabinogi 2. Developed by DevCAT Studio, an internal studio of Nexon and the developers of Mabinogi and Vindictus, Mabinogi 2 has already gone through its alpha test and it is expected to amaze players.

Where is MapleStory 2, which was confirmed to have been in development? No idea.

[VINEU] [MSA] [CA] Vindictus Europe CBT Begins + MapleStory Adventures 1.10 + Combat Arms Fusion Stage 2

Nothing annoys me more than when a game publisher says “Close Beta” instead of the correct “Closed Beta”.

Europe’s most anticipated free-to-play MMO ever has finally entered its closed beta! Welcome Europeans to the land of Vindictus! Unfortunately, players of Vindictus live in a less attractive time than that of players of Mabinogi which takes place several hundred years after the events of Vindictus. Less attractive, that is, unless you enjoy endless bloodshed. Vindictus Europe is currently available in English and German.

The Legend

The air is thick with despair, and the battles never cease. Rain falls, yet the land is barren, as if the earth has been drenched in too much bloodshed to bear fruit. Monstrous creatures lurk in every trench, cave, and valley. To survive, people have huddled together, forming ramshackle towns with high walls. Yet, cowering behind those walls does not guarantee safety…

What has become of the outside world? Few people know. Fewer care to find out. As the common folk trudge from one empty day into the next, only one thought keeps them going: the Legend. The Legend will come to pass. The people yearn for it, pray for it. They hope and believe. And because they believe, they know.

One day, they will be in Erinn.

Erinn, The Land of Paradise

In this world, there is but one moon, and it shines upon a wasteland where Fomors and beasts roam, hungry to tear flesh from bone. Not so in Erinn. In Erinn, there will be two moons, Eweca and Lateka, and they will shine with the brightness of the gods. There, no one will age or fall ill, and the land will be rich with bountiful resources.

It is the dream of Erinn, the paradise promised in the Legend, which fuels humanity in these dark times. The people wait, as they have for countless generations, for the black-winged goddess to come and save them.

They wait. Because the Legend is truth. It must be, for it is all they have.

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[MSA] 3,000,000 Monthly Active Users

Great news! MapleStory Adventures, the Facebook adaption of global phenomenon 2D side-scrolling MMORPG MapleStory, has surpassed 3 million monthly active users.

MapleStory Adventures was Nexon’s first take at the social network gaming space. Their second launch is Wonder Cruise which is currently in pre-beta, open to only players of MapleStory Adventures. Unfortunately Wonder Cruise is not being well received, with generally negative reviews, but it’s not even if full beta yet so we’ll have to wait and see how it turns out.

[MSA] MapleStory Adventures Closed Beta Applications Open!

The closed beta for upcoming MapleStory social game for the Facebook platform, MapleStory Adventures, is coming soon and Nexon has started accepting closed beta applications!

You’re a modern Mapler, aren’t you? Whether you’re an experienced explorer or just starting out in MapleStory, Facebook lets you keep your finger on the pulse of both your world and Maple World. And now, your favorite game is following you to your favorite social network!
MapleStory Adventures, the new MapleStory game for Facebook, is entering Closed Beta! It’s all the monster-fighting treasure-collecting excitement you love in your favorite MMO now in a Facebook-sized form!
There are currently a limited amount of FREE Closed Beta keys available. To get one, just head over to the MapleStory Adventures page for all the details! Act quickly, though. Things move fast in Maple World and you don’t want to get left behind!