[DN SEA] Academic Coming To The Global Service!

Shanda Games hinted at it recently and it has now been announced that the Academic class will arrive in the Global service of one of the most successful free-to-play games in the world, Dragon Nest SEA. The update will take place on April 24, 2012.

Players interested in the Global service of Dragon Nest see http://dn.cherrycredits.com/.

First launching in South Korea on March 4, 2010, Eyedentity Games-developed Dragon Nest has achieved over 700,000 concurrent users in China and has won several game awards across Asia. Just over 2 years since its worldwide premier the game has achieved over 100 million registered users and become the third most profitable online game in South Korea behind only Dungeon Fighter Online (Nexon) and MapleStory (Nexon) by achieving a cumulative profit of 100 billion KRW. This over multiple services as the game has broken a global service record with localized services for South Korea (Nexon), China (Shanda), Japan (NHN), Thailand (AsiaSoft), North America and Oceania (Nexon), South-East-Asia (doubling as a ‘Global’ service) (Shanda) and Russia (mail.ru) and has been licensed for publishing in Indonesia (KREON).

Eyedentity Games has unveiled its second game which is being published by NHN in South Korea. I am hopeful that this game, Dungeon Striker, will quickly makes its way to North America.


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  1. Before NA? Nexon, what are you doing? But nonetheless, Congrats to the Dragon Nest SEA! And May Academic come for us soon! I’ve been inactive in Dragon Nest, So I guess my return will be marked here.

    • I don’t think Nexon is doing anything wrong. Probably waiting until Summer to release the class to maximise on profit and player activity. It’s what most people would do. I also plan to returning to Dragon Nest with this release.

      • and i ALSO plan on returning to Dragon Nest (SEA) with this release… lol we all havent played it much lately… so this will be my new char. Kind of funny (not) how my DN SEA chars got wiped or something, and my characters in Maplestory got stripped -F7-.
        Starting new in both games…. Semi-new in maplestory with crap equips and 10m.

        • Mmm. I plan on continuing my Swordsman and making an Academic and advance it into an Engineer. Are you willing to come to the server I have my characters on (forgot which one it is) since I have characters are you seem not to?

          • sure, what is your world. Springwood or something?
            Might have to convince my lil bro to switch as well., He doen’t play anymore so he shouldnt care about switching. I am going to be an engineer too, and my bro most likely as well LOL xD
            gonna redownload client soon, because of the fked up graphic glitches.
            The thing is, my lil bro helped my in Dragon Nest, ALOT lol.
            I downloaded the game, and he started playing first for 2 hrs (yeah im nice like that). So after 2 hrs I got to play, on my swordsmen ( he had an cleric), and as it turned out, my lil bro already had a super strong wep for me .. like, a sword he foudn himself, with 10 enchantments!
            So he gave it to me, and I was super strong for my level lol xDDD
            DANG it now i want to play again xD

            • Well if your brother doesn’t want to switch then you should probably stay with him. But try to convince him to switch because I want to play with you.

              • realised my account was on one of HIS email adresses. He changed the password of that email adress ( because I knew it loll xD ) , and i forgot the passsword of the DN account related to it. So I ahve to ask him to login to that email adress to change the password

              • hmmmm, now i am not so sure anymore. The email my lil bro used that I thought was my account, still had the ACTIVISION EMAIL unread… and when we changed the password of the Cherry account, we had to activate the account … it said it was locked or something :s
                I deleted Dragon Nest from my computer, for 3 times in a row now, I keep getting a instalation error…. Saying something that a Resource Pack 3 file or something, isn’t the same as the SETUP file….and that I have to contact the system provider o.O
                Trying to download it from MMOsite … tried all other downloads at their site already -,-.

                @GIJoey, I asume you play the American version, because SEA (Global), doen’t have that world name :p

  2. The narrator for the trailer is so hilarious.

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