[DN] Dragon Nest SEA To Serve as the Global Service

It has been confirmed by publisher Shanda Games that the South East Asian servers of Dragon Nest will serve as the service for all regions without a local service of the game. This is good news because it means that none of us will be left out. I will not be joining my global friends on the SEA service as I have full access to the North American service from Nexon America.

The official website can be viewed at http://dn.cherrycredits.com/ or by clicking the poster below.

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  1. MaplerOfDoom!

    So what does it mean? Nexon won’t be publishing this game?

  2. so filipinos can play the dragon nest SEA version?

  3. can indonesia play dragon nest SEA version to? please reply to my question……

  4. Can I play it from UAE?

  5. thats good news now i can relax knowing that i can play dragon nest sea.i am from Egypt btw

  6. na man cherry dont have services in south america -.-

  7. Im from Philippines but im goin to Japan next week. so i cant play my DN character there? :((

  8. can south americans play please respond

  9. can i play dragon nest korean? I am in the philippines and my gf is in korea 🙂

    • You can since there’s no IP block but you’d have to have a KSSN to sign up for a Nexon Korea account. You should ask her to create an account for you because more than one account can be created per KSSN.

  10. I’m in Japan and I want to play DN, but I effing hate when it’s japanese..Any translator or solution with that?

    • There isn’t any public English patch for the Japanese service of Dragon Nest that I’m aware of. You should try to see if you can play the SEA service of the game. If not then unfortunately your only option may be to stick with Japanese.

  11. I’m from the Bahamas. The SEA Client isn’t starting for me. I should be able to play from here right?

    • Yes you should be able to. If you can’t then the most I can suggest that you do is to check out the official forums and see if you can find a solution to the error.

  12. I’m from Indonesia , I want to play Dragon Nest SEA so badly , I already patch to the latest version , but It said “Login Error” , I don’t have any problem with ID & password , What should I do that It can be play…

    • Hey :). You’re probably experiencing these issues because Dragon Nest has a localized service published for Indonesia and the country is therefore blocked from accessing Dragon Nest SEA. The website can be found at http://dn.gemscool.com.

      I’m having trouble getting onto the website right now for some reason.

  13. AlucardXchaos

    I want to play on Nexon’s DN and not the one with cherrycredits. I am from singapore , is there a way i can do so? I honestly do not like the pinoy community…

  14. im from UAE, can i play DN north america??

  15. Can i play from Egypt ?

  16. i am from philippines but now working here in taiwan is there a solution for me to play any DN which in english?

  17. Hi,i am from Philippines living here in Dubai, is DN available in this country? Thank You!

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