[CALS] Combat Arms: Line of Sight Closed Beta Begins March 31

Combat Arms: Line of Site Nexon Europe will launch the closed beta for multiplayer online first-person shooter Combat Arms: Line of Sight on March 31. The closed beta will run until April 2 and will be available for play only in Europe and in the languages of English, German, Spanish, Turkish and French. Driven by the powerful and versatile Unreal Engine 3, the new title will feature sharp visuals, almost unlimited and visible weapon customization and unique superhuman powers. The closed beta content will include four diverse game maps, six different game modes, seventeen unique superhuman powers and combat senses and a variety of customizable weapons. The game is developed by Seoul-based BlackSpot Entertainment and its European release is its global debut. For more information on the game and its closed beta service, check out the official website and the official Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) post. Combat Arms: Line of Sight is the fourth online first-person shooter (FPS) from Nexon Europe who has seen much success from the genre. Nexon America has no plans to launch the game in North America at this time.

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