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[CMS 1.11] Cygnus Returns

The promo site for China MapleStory’s Cygnus Returns update has been launched by publisher Shanda Games. Check it out at

[CMST 0.71] Root Abyss

China MapleStory’s test server has received the new region Root Abyss which is slated to enter the Korea MapleStory test server soon.

cmst 071_sleepywood_regionmap

The entrance to Root Abyss is the large hallow tree trunk in the Sleepywood town area in the top left of the regional map above. The trunk is accessible via a path leading from the path to the entrance of Ant Tunnel.

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[CMS 1.05] [TwMS 1.49] Mihile

China MapleStory and Taiwan MapleStory have continued their pattern of updating the same major content on the same day by both receiving the Mihile class on September 19. The updates were quite similar to Global MapleStory’s New Dawn update which arrived on September 5.

[CMS 1.02] The Visitors

I have a terrible headache right now so bear with me.

In their v102 update ChinaMS receives the Visitors event incorporated into the alien invaded New Leaf City. Also included in the update will be the nebulite system and several other events.

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[TwMS 1.43] [CMS 1.00] Advance of the Union

I’m a little late on this. I honestly wasn’t expecting it so I wasn’t looking out for it. But Taiwan MapleStory and China MapleStory have received their first Advance of the Union update on February 29, 2012. This despite the fact that they do not yet have the Arkarium boss.

Check out the campaign sites at (Tw) and (C).

Both of these services ended their Legends updates on February 1. Interesting how quickly they’ve moved from Legends into Union.

Meanwhile, ThailandMS which received Big Bang in March 2011 and the Mechanic update soon after has yet to receive any more content updates.

[CMS] [TwMS] Remaining Legends Updates Release Months

Global MapleStory, China MapleStory and Taiwan MapleStory all receive the first Legends update, Cannoneers, on December 7, 2011. Although it has been confirmed that GlobalMS will receive their second and third Legends updates on December 19 and in early January, respectively, Shanda Games and Gamania have announced that the Mercedes and Demon Slayer updates in ChinaMS and TaiwanMS will be released in January 2012 and February 2012, respectively.