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[NXJP] [SC] Shadow Company Japan Officially Launched

The official service of the Japanese service of first-person shooter Shadow Company: The Mercenary War has been opened by Nexon Japan on September 19, 2012. New content and new events have been added to the game along with the official launch. Details about these events can be read at

Shadow Company Japan

Shadow Company is published in South Korea by CJ E&M and in China through Tiancity. The game will be launched in North America and launched in Europe through Nexon America and Nexon Europe in late 2012 or early 2013. Shadow Company is developed by Doobic Studio, the studio which brought the world Combat Arms.

[NXJP] [SC] Shadow Company Japan Teaser Launched!

Nexon Co. Ltd. (Nexon Japan) has launched the teaser site for upcoming first-person shooter Shadow Company: The Mercenary War. Developed by Doobic Studios, the same studio which developed Combat Arms, Nexon has acquired the publishing rights to the game in Japan, North America and Europe. All three services are expected to begin by the end of the year. Shadow Company is published in Korea by CJ E&M.

Check out the teaser at

I’ll put reservations on my honest opinion of the game until I actually get the chance to play it.

[NXJP] Legend of Edda Japan Website Launched

Nexon Japan has launched the website for their upcoming anime-style MMORPG Legend of Edda, developed by Eyasoft, a studio that Nexon recently invested into by buying out 20% of the studio’s stock. The website can be seen here. Legend of Edda is published in North America by OnNet USA on their GamesCampus portal. View the website here.

Eyasoft also developed Luna Online and Iris Online, which are both published by Gala-Net on GPotato.

Nexon Japan is launching new games like mad, and will have the award-winning Vindictus by the end of the year. Nexon Korea will take over service of Sudden Attack and Atlantica in Korea this Summer. Nexon Europe plans to launch Vindictus later this year. I’m excited to know what MMO plans Nexon America has for after Dragon Nest’s launch. Kart Rider? Air Rider? Everplanet? Cyphers from Neople? An external game? COME ON NEXON AMERICA, ANNOUNCE YOUR NEXT MMO.

[JMS 1.94] Renaissance

The Chaos updates are coming to Japan this summer as ‘Renaissance’. I don’t see how ‘renaissance’ in any way describes what is going on with this update, so I think Nexon Japan just randomly chose a cool sounding word knowing that most JapanMS players won’t know what the heck it means. Anyway, it’s a three part update that adds in the Chaos content that were are used to but also JAPAN EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: Monster Familiar and the Spirit Weapons.

Going live on July 13 is the first update which includes the rebalance of Aran, Evan and Dual Blade, Monster Familiar, Spirit Weapons and Gate of the Future.

Monster Familiar allows maplers to capture monsters which will follow them around like pets and attack with you!

Spirit Weapons absorb monster spirit after the monster is killed. After collecting a certain amount of monster spirit, a special and powerful skill can be used.


[NXJP] [VIN] Vindictus Heads to Japan

Vindictus is a next-generation action MMORPG set as a prequel to popular fantasy life MMO Mabinogi. After a phenomenal launch in Korea and America in 2010, Nexon Japan has announced that they will join Nexon Europe and Shanda Games (China) in the launching of their own service of the game later this year. Vindictus will be known in Japan as ‘Mabinogi: Heroes’, as it is in Korea and China.

Congrats Japan!