[DFO] Dungeon Fighter Online Open Beta Launched!

Dungeon Fighter Online

The long awaited open beta for the Neople self-published global English service of Dungeon Fighter Online was launched on March 24 and will run until April 13. This launch of a global service of the game has been long anticipated, especially so following the shutdown of the game’s North American branch by Nexon America in 2013. Neople has however admitted that the game’s performance in the West has been underwhelming but has committed to pushing forward due in large part to the passion being expressed by the game’s fans. Dungeon Fighter Online is one of the biggest grossing online games ever globally with billions of dollars in lifetime revenue and has logged a global total of over 3 million concurrent users, including over 400 million cumulative registered accounts.

Head over to the official website for more information.

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  1. ima try this out.. Also these must be happy times for Joey… and check out my portfolio site Zach/Email 😦

  2. Actually, the turnout for open beta has been outstanding and extremely exceeded Neople’s expectations. Literally every single channel is full/near full and Neople has been public about how impressed they are and how much they will dedicate to this game.

    Like, there’s 8 channels for the level 1~18 area and they’re all near full. The rest only have 2 channels and you need to wait a couple minutes to even connect haha.

    Oh and /r/DFO is trending, and DFO was in the top 10 most streamed in twitch on launch day.

    Happy times indeed. Looks like DFO is staying<3

    Also: make sure to join NA-East. We can play together~

    • OWOWOWOW DFO IS so sick!!! SO many awesome classes with such awesome stories. Not your usual 1 sub class that is taken over by a demon but there are like 5 different classes from different people who can potentially story-wise be taken over by a demon. OMG I LOVE THIS.

    • btw add me, SoulAstra.

      Btw didnt u also have a blog urself What was it again?

      • Got lazy~

        And YES I’m so glad you love it omg im adding you literally right now.

        It’s the best game ever c: The story is really good as well. And all the environments are just so beautiful my goodness Neople is the best fk Nexon I hate them with a passion now

        • Well you need to be in the same channel to add each other. ><

          Try applyin to the guild "Reborn!". Its one of the highest leveled guilds in the game and I'm an officer (2nd highest rank).

          I'll accept you in, and then add you c:

  3. Long time no see. It feels like I only come here to give you random news bits but did you know that Nexon America will be publishing Ghost in the Shell in the US, UK, Latin America and Australia THIS YEAR?

    They’re pushing out this game fast, I wonder if it’s because of the movie and they want to capitalize on it.

    • Hey hey. Yes I did notice and should probably make a post about that. I was puzzled as to why the decision was made at this point for Nexon America to push it out before its Asian release since it seems so much more ready for the Asian market right now. But you may be onto something with the idea of them wanting to capitalize on the hype being generated by the movie adaptation.

      • ewwwwwwww Nexon NA. How disgusting.

        Anyways, they might want to push it out before Blizzard realises “Overwatch” which, if marketed right, could take the remainder of the fps market that csgo didnt already suck in.

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