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[May 29] MapleStory’s June Update Predictions

What COULD this shodowy face accessory mean??

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[DB] Shadow Bandana is Part of Dual Blade Set

So a lot people were asking me why I take that Shadow Bandana that was added in the last GMS maintenance as a hint  towards Dual Blade. Check this out:

The Shadow Bandana is part of the Dual Blade set in KMS.

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[GMS] Maintenance; Let the Dual Blade Hints Begin

Dual Blade is coming.

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[MAB] G10: Goddess of Light is Coming

Nexon has announced that Mabinogi America’s update to Generation 10, the Goddess of Light, will take place on June 9. Generation 10 or “G10” includes beautiful graphics in a new area known as Tara. Neamhain, the 3rd goddess makes her powerful comeback, causing the Darkness to uprise even more.

Get ready for G10 on June 9.

[GMS] Subtle Masteria Hints

So I hope everyone’s been enjoying the new official website layout. I sure have as when I was looking around something caught my eye.

So most of us know about Cody’s Theme Park, the supposed Masteria expansion that was mentioned by Cody during GMS’s BETA. If you don’t know about it, it’s… a theme park that was mentioned by Cody during beta and it hasn’t been mentioned again since. It’s likely in Masteria because it has only been mentioned in GMS.

This is taken from the Masteria Expansions, Names, and the proof for eachthread created by IsaacGS of Southperry:

Theme Park
The legendary “Cody’s Theme Park that has been rumored since the end of Beta. This was confirmed as true by NxProse. The data contains Background images from this area, which were also seen in the EMS event preview for Bastille Day’s event. We do not have a name for this area yet, as the BG images in the data are not particularly descriptively named. It IS real, and it will be on Masteria.



Reminds me of Zipangu…

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