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[CAMus] Combat Arms the MUSCIAL?

Combat Arms the Musical!

Attention Combat Arms Users!

Combat Arms fans and musical theatre aficionados alike now have a treat to look forward to. Rapidly gaining support from Broadway critics, Nexon America is thrilled to announce that Combat Arms the Musical will now be coming to a venue near you! Tickets will be on advance sale to select Combat Arms users, as well as those who have a VIP Off-Broadway Association Membership, starting Mid-April, and go on sale on July 10th to the general public. Once we receive confirmation, we will provide official box office information early next week.

Here are more details on the show:

Combat Arms the Musical is a new musical comedy from the creative producers at Nexon. It tells the story of an up-and-coming model, Eliza, who has a penchant for cold-blooded carnage. Although she’s been handed a life of luxury on a silver platter, Eliza’s true heart’s desire is to travel the world as a contract killer. When she’s approached by a talent agent who cares less about her looks and more about her reputation as an expert recreational submachine gunner, Eliza becomes “Mei”, and her life is turned upside down with one hilarious assignment after another. However, when Eliza meets and falls for the ambitious mercenary Bryan, or “Baron”, and discovers he is sabotaging every job he can, she is brought to a professional and personal crossroads. In matters of the heart, and matters of homicide, how do you choose the path meant for you?

The critically acclaimed, soul-stirring soundtrack features gems such as:

  • Springtime for the Infected
  • I Wanna Get a Nut Shot
  • No One Mourns the Hackers
  • Ol’ Man Baron
  • I Feel Nooby
  • The Point of No Respawn
  • Think of Mei
  • Oh What a Beautiful Permanent Black-Magnum
  • The G36 with the Scope On Top

*The soundtrack will be available for 12,900 NX in the Black Market with our April Time Release Content Update.

“Absolutely enchanting!” –The New York Entertainment Guide

“We laughed so hard we cried…a must see!” –LA Acting Group

“Eliza is such an engaging character, you can’t help but fall in love…” – Off-Broadway Quarterly

–Combat Arms Command–