[GMS 1.52] Mark of Honor: Hieizan Temple Update Highlights

This summer, role-play as your favorite Sengoku characters in Mark of Honor: Hieizan Temple. Take on this challenging new dungeon, guarded by the Princess No, as Kanna or Hayato, or their friend and ally Ayame.

Once you’ve reigned supreme, try out the new area of Kritias. Plus, try out the revamped Jett class, now with all-new skills and a more detailed backstory! While you’re out bounty-hunting, keep an out for new Wanted posters, and defeat the monsters listed to receive their bounty.

But that’s not all! School is back in session at Maple Leaf High and Mr. Schrodinger needs your help! Read on for all the details on MapleStory’s newest update.

Go back in time and play as Kanna, Hayato, or their friend Ayame in the days before they travelled to Maple World. Try out these heroes’ special skills, and explore the new Hieizan Temple. Then, embark upon the Princess No Expedition to receive a special Jewel Box containing Lv. 140 secondary weapon equips and other rewards, such as a Princess No Chair.

Check out the new high-level area of Kritias! A mysterious kingdom has appeared near Leafre…what could lay inside? Hunt Commanders and Minion Monsters to earn Kritias Points and Kritias Coins, then trade them in for Lv. 150 earrings, shoulders, and glove equips. You can also complete daily quests and take part in Invasion Events. New damage skins, chairs and mounts are just some of the rewards waiting for you in Kritias.

Jett is getting an upgrade, with a completely revamped set of skills. With Backup Beatdown, you can launch a flurry of attacks with your bounty hunter allies, while Starforce Salvo will fire a repeated hail of energy bolts. Jett is also getting a new secondary weapon and an increase to HP! With an expanded intro, you’ll get a deeper insight into the backstory of MapleStory’s favorite bounty hunter.

Class is in session, and Mr. Schrodinger needs his students’ full attention! Fight your way through classrooms, completing quests along the way. Break desks and other furniture to rescue lost friends and collect recyclables. Gotta keep that school green! Collect Model Student Candy and exchange it for brand-new totems and pocket items.

It’s monster hunting time! During the Bounty Hunter Event, you’ll find Wanted posters for infamous monsters all over Maple World. Collect their bounties and you could receive sunglasses, rings, necklaces and earrings, plus special medals and badges. Want a break from bounty hunting? Collect Pearlescent Clamshells from monsters in the Clam Shell Attendance Check Event to earn various scrolls, plus a Character Slot Expansion Coupon!

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  1. Looks like a fun update :3

    Ayame will be fun to try out, ofc~ and i love doing quests so im looking forward to this questline ^^

    $5 the Maple Leaf high totems will be slightly better than the sengoku high ones were and not have those things following you around, making people have to farm it again ;w; but idm because i never got any of the sengoku totems lmao

    Kritias<3 Im gonna have fun doing this questline. Thank God they're not doing Hekaton though, that was a disaster.

    Oh and Jett. Yay?

    • I looked at the Zen revamp from 1 year ago (Zen = Jett in MSEA) and it looks insanely OP. 10k dmg range at lv 123 = 80k lines 4x with Eigh Legged Eaton….. Jett main inc 😉

      Oh and I’ll take that bet with u. cuz I feel like these totems will be worse, or we won’t have any totems at all.

      • Although I really barely pay any attention whatsoever to anything in MS right now usually when an update is being released I at least have basic knowledge of each bit of content being released. With this update I’m completely clueless. You two care to explain Kritas and the other new content to me?

        • Kritias is just a lv 150 area which was supposed to be the main thing for KMS’s RED update. Where u would fight in a city consumed by the Black Mage or something and u would fight this HUGE Gollux-like boss where the whole server would fight against it and stuff… Idea is cool but I heard there was INSANE amounts of lagg. Kritias is long overdue, we shud have gotten it with RED, almost 1 year ago. But like with a lot of stuff, Nexon (America) is just HORRIBLE when it comes to doing stuff right. Ayame is just a theme dungeon where u can transform in Ayame a pirate from Senghoku with just a few skills (6 iirc, mostly reskins from other pirate skills). Jett revamp, idk much about it just saw one video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhgn5UvAfO8 .

          • Interesting. I’ll patch up to try this stuff out.

            • Ayame – Questline with theme dungeon where you can play as Ayame, a new class. Nothing Robbin didnt say.

              Male Leaf high? Idk ;w; but its prolly gonna be like red leaf

              Kritias: Questline, and the city will spawn a boss at set times each day. They also released a boss called Hekaton, its a cross-world boss where 100 people go and fight 1 boss. Its extremely cheap and most likely scrapped for this update… Nexon KR also closed it in their most recent Tespia patch.

              I heard that Jett revamp is different from Zen revamp.. lots of commenters said that based on the fact that the skills shown on the Nexon NA page look different from the Zen skills. (Not just in visual).

            • U haven’t been palying lately? U shud try out Shade while you can. Not a fun job imo but still… What have you been up to lately?

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