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[NXMOB] [CA:Z] Combat Arms: Zombies Makes Its Debut

The graphically impressive Combat Arms: Zombies, built on the powerful Unreal Engine 3, has made its debut on the iOS. It has become 9th game in the global market.

Check out the official info. page on Combat Arms: Zombies at Nexon Mobile

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[NXMOB] Nexon Mobile Releases MapleStory Cave Crawlers

The MapleStory franchise is taking a slightly different approach in MapleStory Cave Crawlers, the latest game from Nexon Mobile for the iOS. It seems that following MapleStory’s massive success on the PC Nexon is still experimenting the best way to deliver it to mobile platforms.

MapleStory Cave Crawlers is a randomized dungeon running adventure with the Fighter and Thief classes being offered to players. Battles take place outside of the open world in a 2D view. Battles have a rhythmic element with players having to tap at the right time to attack monsters, tap while the sword is in the red region and a special attack will be performed.

MapleStory Cave Crawlers is now available in the Apple App Store for the iPod and iPod Touch for $1.99, €1.59 or £1.49.

[NXM] [CA:Z] Nexon Mobile Announces ‘Combat Arms: Zombies’

Nexon Mobile Licenses Unreal Engine 3 for Its New iOS Title, “Combat Arms: Zombies”

The 3-D first person shooter to be revealed at G-Star 2011 prior to November launch

G-Star 2011

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nexon Mobile Corp., the innovative mobile game development arm of Nexon Co. Ltd., will launch “Combat Arms: Zombies” for the iOS platform in November after an unveiling at G-Star 2011, the biggest game expo in South Korea. “Combat Arms: Zombies” was developed using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3, giving the popular first person shooter (FPS) unmatched graphics and rich content for mobile devices.

“‘Combat Arms: Zombies’ has been a major effort for us and it will help establish Nexon Mobile as a top developer of multi-platform games.”

“Combat Arms: Zombies” is based on the zombie infested cooperative Fireteam Mode found in “Combat Arms,” one of Nexon’s most popular online FPS’ that has millions of players across North America and Europe.

Nexon Mobile has combined the gameplay of the original “Combat Arms” with diverse attack patterns of the 3-D zombie mode, top-notch visuals and a variety of weapons systems. Nexon Mobile expects to provide users with regular content updates with the intent of delivering massive game content approaching that of the original online game.

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[NXMOB] Nexon Mobile Recruiting Developers for Nintendo 3DS

Nexon Mobile, the mobile game development and publishing branch of Nexon Group, has posted job listings for portable console developers, naming the Nintendo 3DS in particular.

This wouldn’t be Nexon’s first Nintendo release as MapleStory DS was released exclusively in Korea in 2010. Nexon Mobile has released several games globally for the iOS platform including MapleStory and Kart Rider franchise adaptations. Recently, it was announced that Dungeon Fighter Online will be making its way to the XBox Live Arcade later in 2011, in collaboration between Nexon and Microsoft.

[NXMOB] Nexon Mobile Has Announced MapleStory Cygnus Knights Edition

Nexon Mobile’s first Global released, MapleStory Thief Edition, was released for the iOS on July 26, 2010. Since then the company has released five other games including the popular Kart Rider Rush. Their next game will be the next MapleStory-based mobile game, MapleStory Cygnus Knights Edition.

In MapleStory Cygnus Knights edition, players will be able to choose between the Blaze Wizard and the Dawn Warrior.

[NXMob] Nexon Mobile Releases Jumping Jack and the Beanstalk

The latest Nexon Mobile English release, Jumping Jack and the Beanstalk was released on May 30, 2011 for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This game is REALLY addicting.

Become Jack in the fairy tale, and hop on a magic beanstalk for an adventure beyond the clouds!

‘Jumping Jack and the Beanstalk’ is a jumping action game, where you become Jack in the fairy tale and jump up the magic beanstalk.

You have to jump up the beanstalk by stepping on the leaves. But the leaves will break if you stand on them for too long, so you need to touch the screen with accurate timing, like in rhythm action games, to jump higher.
Varied scores are given according to the jump timing, and continuously jumping with good timing will give you higher scores through combos.

As you jump up, collect the golden eggs and the regular eggs while avoiding the rocks and the giant’s hand.

-Tilt jump + timed touch
-Pleasant BGM and sound effects
-Fantastic fairy tale-style graphics
-Combo system
-Supports Game Center ranking and achievements

See the game’s app store page for more information.