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[MSEA 1.15] Game Update

MapleSEA will be going through a game update on Thursday, April 5, 2012. This update will last for approximately 8 hours.

Time: 0600 hours to 1400 hours GMT +8


Dear Maplers,

As we get nearer to the arrival of the Legends patch, here are what you can expect from the Legends:Prelude Patch v1.15.

1. [System Event] Duel Raid: Balloon Hunt (Event Period: 05/04/2012 – 25/04/2012)
2. [System Event] Easter Event (Event Period: 05/04/2012 – 25/04/2012)
3. [System Event] Find the Treasure Map (Event Period: 05/04/2012 – 01/05/2012)
4. [System Event] Happy Day! (Event Period: 05/04/2012 – 15/05/2012)
5. [System Event] The Lost Snipe (Event Period: 18/04/2012 – 15/05/2012)
6. [System Event] Family Loyalty Forever (Event Period: 18/04/2012 – 15/05/2012)
7. [System Event] Gaga’s New Business (Event Period: 18/04/2012 – 15/05/2012)
8. [System Event] Golden Temple (Event Period: 05/04/2012 – 30/05/2012)
9. [Gachapon] Gachapon Jackpot
10. [Gachapon] Gachapon Update
11. [Cash Shop] Cash Shop Update
12. [Download] v1.15 Full Client & Manual Patch

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[MSEA 1.14] Jump

MapleSEA’s Jump: Arising of the Origin update goes live today! Legends arrives this May!

Here are what you can expect from the upcoming MapleSEA Version 1.14: JUMP : Arising of the Origin patch.

1. [Game Content] Class Balance Adjustment
2. [Game Content] Mount Skill Revamp
3. [Game Content] Party Quest Revamp
4. [Game Content] Sky High
5. [Game Content] Treasure Monster
6. [Game Content] Mini Map Renewal
7. [System Event] SP Reset Scroll Giveaway
8. [System Event] Explorer’s Job Reward Event
9. [System Event] Explorer’s Gratias Ring
10. [System Event] Valentine’s Day Event
11. [System Event] Rainbow Event
12. [System Event] Evolving Belt Event
13. [System Event] Random Beauty Coupon Event
14. [System Event] Mardi Gras Celebration
15. [Changelogs]
16. [Gachapon] Gachapon Update
17. [Cash Shop] Cash Shop Update
18. [Download] v1.14 Jump Full Client & Manual Patch

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[MSEA 1.12] The Ice Knight

MapleSEA will be going through a scheduled game update on Wednesday, November 23, 2011. This update will last for approximately 6 hours


Here are what you can expect from the upcoming MapleSEA Version 1.12: Chaos: The Ice Knight patch.

1. [Game Content] Super Fight!: Ice Knight mode
2. [Game Content] Super Fight!: Capture the Flag mode!
3. [Game Content] Wedding Commitment
4. [System Event] Ice Knight Event
5. [System Event] Inkwell and the Red Buttons Event
6. [System Event] Attendant Check Event
7. [System Event] The Archaeologist Event
8. [System Event] Christmas Season of Joy 2011
9. [Change logs] Bug Fixed & Changes
10. [Cash Shop] Cash Shop Update
11. [Download] v1.12 Full Client & Manual Patch

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[MS] International MapleStory October 19 Content Updates

October 19 will be a busy day for MapleStory players all over the world as several services of the game will be going thorough patches to add in content.

Japan MapleStory 2.04: Legend

JapanMS’s first Legend update is here! Included in this update are the Cannon Shooter and Mercedes classes. JapanMS has decided to merge the Jump! and Legend update in two patches, on October 19 and November 16.

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[MS] “Fastest Updating” and “Most Updated” Rankings: Q3 2011

It’s the final week of the final month of the quarter and that means it’s time for Msupdate’s “Fastest Updating” and “Most Updated” Rankings.

This project started in April when I compared the content of all the services, but specifically KoreaMS, GlobalMS, MapleSEA and EuropeMS, in Content Speed Comparisons: KMS, GMS, MSEA, EMS . The last rankings were “Fastest Updating” and “Most Updated” Rankings: Q2 2011 .

Due to its closure on October 31 and the lack of updates since December 2010, BrazilMS has been removed from the rankings.

To quite understand what I mean by “fastest updating” and “most updated”, why I feel that EuropeMS remains the fastest updating service and why additional, original and exclusive content cannot be counted in how fast a MapleStory service updates (*cough* JapanMS), please read Content Speed Comparisons: KMS, GMS, MSEA, EMS.

Fastest Updating

Current Rank Service Move Since April 2011
1 Europe MapleStory
2 Global MapleStory
3 MapleStory South East Asia +5
4* China MapleStory +1
4* Taiwan MapleStory +1
6 Korea MapleStory -2
7 Japan MapleStory -4
8 Thailand MapleStory -1

*China MapleStory and Taiwan MapleStory are tied. This is not a mistake.

There has been a pretty major shakeup in the Fastest Updating rankings with JapanMS falling 4 places and MapleSEA rising 5.

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[MSEA] Chaos is Coming

I have some great news for MapleSEA players! AsiaSoft has revealed to GX, a popular Singaporean game coverage portal that the Chaos updates will arrive in a series of three updates this October and November.

Return of the Hero will arrive on October 19, 2011 and will rebalance the Aran, Evan and Dual Blade classes.

Technological Age and Super Fight will come on November 9, 2011 and includes the profession skills for alchemy, jewel crafting, equipment forging, mining and herbalism. The PvP modes of Free for All and Team Match will also be added.

Ice Knight arrives on November 23, 2011. The PvP mode of Ice Knight will be added.