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[EX] Should We Be Holding Our Breaths for Extraction, Deth Bath and Peria Chronicles?

Although no official announcements have been made regarding the futures of the North American publishing plans for first-person shooter Shadow Company and real-time strategy Navy Field 2 it is safe to assume that both have been canceled. Both games imploded in Japan while Navy Field 2 has also been performing unimpressively in Europe. No communication regarding the (previously?) planned service of Shadow Company in North America and Europe has been released almost since the initial announcement. Navy Field 2 seems to have completely fallen off of Nexon’s radar after closed beta ended in May with no information whatsoever from the team.

So what about Extraction? Extraction is an announced first-person shooter from Splash Damage, the developer of Doom 3, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars among other games. It is advertised as being different from the generic FPS and it set in London¬†after a mysterious radiological attack. The game’s closed beta began, after a delay, on October 15, 2013. Closed beta appears to be ongoing with the vast majority of closed beta applicants still awaiting keys of access which were supposed to be regularly released. The last thing of substance which has been communicated from the game’s team to the community was on October 30, just half a month after the closed beta began:

We’ve sent out another batch of beta keys and we looking forward to seeing many of you in game! Didn’t get a key yet? Not to worry because more are being sent out soon!

Since then there has been next to zilch when it comes to concrete and useful information. The only two posts which have followed consisted of “Happy Halloween -insert picture of Extraction logo pumpkin carving here-” (October 31) and the announcement that Splash Damage would be heading to British gaming festival INSOMNIA (November 27).

So what should really be made of this? My take on it is to be optimistic. I see nothing which would truly indicate any change of plans in the service of Extraction. Of course this could just be me taking a lack of bad news (or any news) to be good news, considering there has been no true indication of ANYTHING when it comes to Extraction in recent times. I’d say a reason for this situation could be that the Extraction team is still trying to integrate itself within Nexon America as it seems the partnership was rather hastily organized after previous publishing plans (when the game was still called Dirty Bomb) seem to have fallen through. But really I’d give it until the end of January. If at that point we still haven’t heard anything then I’d say we can begin the process of panicking.

Deth Bath logo

As for Deth Bath I definitely don’t think we should worry (yet). The game hasn’t even been announced! We haven’t even gotten any indication of anything related to this apart from an untranslated web leak and an accidentally launched incomplete teaser site which has now been closed. Stay positive here also. If by the end of March we still haven’t gotten any further indication of anything then we can begin to worry a little, if by the end of June there’s still nothing then we have a major problem.

Now if you haven’t yet heard about Peria Chronicles then you’re seriously missing out. Formerly referred to as Project NT, it is an sandbox MMO developed by ThingSoft with highly innovative features and systems which will be published by Nexon in North America, Europe, Japan and South Korea. The publishing arrangement was announced back in October of 2012 and regular interviews and exhibitions have kept those patiently awaiting the game satisfied. The Korean service, by the way, was originally expected to enter its beta testing phase in Summer 2013 but has been delayed to the second half of 2014. I’m not complaining though, this game as a lot (and I do mean A FREAKING LOT) of potential and an extra year or even longer in development to truly make it live up to its potential is more than worth it.

Surely, surely nothing makes me think even the slightest that we should worry that plans may not work out for Peria. It will be coming but might take a little while. Remain patient and hopeful.

For a very good read on the features of Peria Chronicles check out Peria Chronicles Interview and Features Explained.

[NF2] Navy Field 2 Website Removed by Nexon America

I hope most people followed by advice about not holding their breath for Navy Field 2. Nexon America has removed the website for the game and I think it’s safe to say that the plans have been cancelled. The game has already had its Japanese service shut down and the European service is struggling and I expect its fate to be similar.

In other news, Extraction has been extremely quiet with a frankly abhorrent lack of communication between the game’s team and those wanting into the closed beta which is ongoing (closed beta site). The teaser site for Deth Bath which was mistakenly launched earlier this year remains offline.

[DB] Nexon America To Publish Deth Bath (Bubble Fighter); Teaser Site Available

Update: The website’s servers have gone down. This should be more of an indication that Nexon wasn’t yet ready to launch the site than any change of plans in launching Deth Bath.

Deth Bath logo

The biggest indication of Nexon America’s plans to bring Deth Bath to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand has come as the teaser site (¬†has become available, despite not yet being officially launched.

Keep posted!