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[MB2] Mabinogi II: Arena Production Stopped, Game Canceled (For Now)

Nexon and NCSoft cooperative development studio Nsquare has discontinued development of Mabinogi 2: Arena. Resources will be reallocated to MapleStory 2 development as well as other projects. While not dismissing the possibility of a revisiting of the title in the future, the studio cited “current market conditions” and “feasibility” for this decision.

[M2:A] Mabinogi 2: Arena Trailer & Combat Demo

Mabinogi 2: Arena, the sequel to the hit online game Mabinogi, will be heading for a big reveal at G*Star 2012 which takes place from November 8 to 11. ¬†The game is developed by DevCat, the same studio which developed Mabinogi, Vindictus (‘Mabinogi Heroes’ in the east) and the now closed Husky Express. So far a game trailer and a combat demo have been released.

Also going to G*Star will be the well received Project NT, FIFA Online 3, Counter-Strike Online 2, Warface and new content for Cyphers. Cyphers will also be heading into China later this year.

[MB2] Mabinogi 2 Character Video Released!

Nexon and DevCAT have finally released a video for Mabinogi 2, the upcoming MMORPG and sequel to fantasy life MMO Mabinogi and action MMO Vindictus. It showcases five characters in Mabinogi 2, representing five classes. It’s not much, but it shows us that the game is certainly on its way and that the graphics aren’t bad at all, even if we can’t get a good look at the game’s graphics from the video. I was very impressed with the details of the graphics and movements of the characters’ hands. Remarkable. The physics seems to be applied very well, as in Vindictus.

This video was showcased at the first ever annual game art exibition, ‘BORDERLESS’, hosted by Nexon. Can’t wait to see Mabinogi 2 launch over there in Korea and hopefully in America soon enough.

DevCAT is an internal development studio of Nexon Korea Corporation and has developed several games including the highly successful games fantasy life MMORPG Mabinogi and the fast paced action MMORPG Vindictus. Husky Express, which was closed last year, was also developed by DevCAT.

[MSA] [MB2] Nexon Previews Upcoming MapleStory Adventures Content + Mabinogi 2 To Be Unveiled at G-Star 2011

Nexon America has previewed lots of upcoming content for MapleStory just days after the new region of Sky Scraper and the Korean language option beta were added to the game and the game surpassed 3 million monthly active users. Nexon has announced that new classes, multiple character slots, personal spaces that players can customize and language options of Spanish, French, German, Chinese and more will also be coming soon.

Keep posted to the MapleStory Adventures Facebook page for more information and to play!

With only 50 days to do before South Korea’s largest game expo, G-Star, it has been revealed by Nexon that it will be official unveiling the long announced Mabinogi 2. Developed by DevCAT Studio, an internal studio of Nexon and the developers of Mabinogi and Vindictus, Mabinogi 2 has already gone through its alpha test and it is expected to amaze players.

Where is MapleStory 2, which was confirmed to have been in development? No idea.