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[EYE] Unreal Engine 3 Licensed For 3rd Game

Eyedentity Games, the developer of Dragon Nest and Dungeon Striker, has licensed the Unreal Engine 3 for their third title, confirmed to be in development in April. Despite the blowout success that Dragon Nest is worldwide and the high quality of both Dragon Nest and Dungeon Striker, Eyedentity has said that this new game will be their best title yet. That has me realllllllllly excited to see what this turns out to be.

The three lead developers at Eyedentity for this game are all from Nexon and previously worked on games such as Vindictus and Mabinogi. Eyedentity is currently in the process of acquiring new employees for the project.

[EYE] [DSK] Dungeon Striker Announced

EyeDentity Games, the developer of the global blockbuster Dragon Nest, has unveiled its next game, Dungeon Striker. The game is being published in Korea by NHN (Hangame). The game’s closed beta will open on April 29.

Truly, the game looks really amazing and I can’t wait for an English service to be released.

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[SNDA/Eye] Shanda Acquires Dragon Nest Developer EyeDentity Games

Chinese game publisher Shanda has acquired the Korea-based Dragon Nest developer, EyeDentity Games. Shanda is the publisher of Dragon Nest, MapleStory and many other games in China. Shanda acquired 100% of shares for close to $100 million.

Both Nexon (who publishes Dragon Nest in Korea and soon in North America) and NHN (Japanese publisher of Dragon Nest) also intended to acquire EyeDentity Games in the past but Shanda came out the winner.

Dragon Nest has hit 700,000 concurrent users in China while still being in open beta and is generating $1.7 million per month in Japan. It has enjoyed similar success in Korea. Nexon America will launch Dragon Nest in North America in the first half of 2011.

Eyedentity Games and Dragon Nest will still be run independently after the acquisition like how Ndoors is being run independently even after they were acquired by Nexon.