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[ZM] Zombie Misfits to Close

Nexon America today announced that the second Facebook game that it launched, tower-defence strategy game Zombie Misfits, will be shut down  on August 15, 2012. The game was co-developed by Nexon and Antic Entertainment, a beneficiary of the Nexon iNitiative program which Nexon seems to have now abandoned.

The game had never found a dedicated audience and failed to attract new players. Content delivery also seemed to be a factor.

Zombie Misfits truly is a great game and I recommend that everyone try the game before it’s closed down.

[ZM] [MSA] Zombie Misfits Open Beta Live + MapleStory Adventures Update 1.13

The open beta of the anticipated Facebook tower-defense strategy game Zombie Misfits has been launched by Nexon America. Zombie Misfits is being launched several months after the release of MapleStory Adventures, the successful Facebook adaption of popular 2D side-scrolling MMORPG MapleStory. Also a few months ago was the pre-beta of Wonder Cruise, another Facebook game from Nexon America. Wonder Cruise was a disappointment in its pre-beta and no information on an open beta release has yet been released.

Check out Zombie Misfits and MapleStory Adventures, and keep posted for information on the open beta of Wonder Cruise as it becomes available!

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[ZM] Zombie Misfits Pre-Beta Now Open!

Nexon America’s Facebook game MapleStory Adventures, which was launched into its open beta on July 27 has already surpassed 3 million monthly active users and continues to grow as Nexon releases new content and prepares content for the near future. Wonder Cruise was a bit of a disappointment in its pre-beta and is closed for now but I’m sure Nexon will make huge improvements before the next beta phase. Now Nexon America presents its third Facebook game, Tower Defense-style game, Zombie Misfits! It’s currently in pre-beta so check it out now!