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[KK] [DEK] Karma Koin Now A Payment Method For Dekaron!

Nexon Europe took over the service of the Global service of Dekaron from Nexon subsidiary Gamehi earlier this year. Although the game is published by Nexon Europe it is available for all users worldwide who do not have a local service of the game, as you would expect from ‘Dekaron GLOBAL’.

Now North American players of Dekaron Global have a new payment method, the Karma Koin! Karma Koin redeemed for Dekaron cannot be used in other Nexon Europe games.

Karma Koin ( is a virtual cash card from Nexon America and 1% of all purchases made using Karma Koin is donated directly to charity. In addition to use on Nexon America’s online game portal, Karma Koin’s growing list of partners currently consists of MusicshakeFantage, Elsword and Dekaron. For a full list of the thousands of locations where Karma Koin can be purchased, see

[NXEU] [DEK] Nexon Europe To Take Over Global Dekaron

This is my 900th post!

Nexon Europe has announced that they will take over the publishing of the Global service of the popular MMORPG Dekaron as of February 22, 2012. Dekaron was previously published by Nexon subsidiary Gamehi. This comes just months after Nexon America took over the Global service of Sudden Attack from Gamehi. This also comes very soon after the announcement that Nexon Co. Ltd. had acquired the global license to Shaiya Online, which I expect to begin appearing on Nexon’s global publishing arms soon.

Although I had been expecting that either Nexon America or Nexon Europe would take over Dekaron, it’s actually a pretty big surprise to me that Nexon Europe is who is taking over Dekaron and not Nexon America. It is not usual for Nexon Europe to publish the Global service of games, especially if that game is available in English only.

For more details on the transition process see the official Dekaron website.

Sudden Attack is developed by Gamehi which was acquired by Nexon in May 2010. Nexon began major restructuring of Gamehi after the latter reported disappointing financial results for the first half of 2010. Gamehi received an awesome new logo that’s similar in many ways to the Nexon logo in April 2011. The global service of Sudden Attack transferred publishers from Gamehi to Nexon America on November 16, 2011.