[BB] Blabber Box Episode 6

At long last, Blabber Box returns with healthy doses of hijinks and haiku. See a New Leaf Saga short, take a peek at the Combat Arms event Spiders vs. Scorpions, glimpse a teaser for the new season of Testers, and much, much more.


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  1. I’ve been waiting for this. I enjoy watching Blabber Box. πŸ™‚

      • I generaly enjoy Blabber box too, but this one sucks… I really waited a long time for a new video, but this one was just awefull. Bad animaitons of Luis. No good humor, and worst of all, BAD ACTING. Not just in Testers, but also from the “devs” that talk to Luis …. and Luis himself ofcourse… AAAAAAAAND, they put in the old Eric video that is a couple months old!!! wtf, they could atleast teased us with Jett, sine all the games talk about the Summer Update except Maplestory

        • Yeah I think the humour is pretty dry too. I actually like Testers. The situation is funny. And yeah I found it so lame that they brought back up that Eric thing and used that old video rather than talking about Jett.

          • -shrugs- I was hoping for a new game announcement to get Blabber Box kickin’ again. Ah well.

            I liked when Luis was in the Nexon games That was pretty funny, I guess. ;P

            They put in some new parts in the Eric video. But I mean, that video came out a LONG time ago. -_-;

            I think they mentioned the DFO revolution in there, I’m not sure. Looking forward to it ever since they told everyone there was gonna be a new resolution (800×600 i think). (Been playing that game alot ever since)

            Hopefully this show comes monthly again. Good to see SOME Nexon news. The thing that dissapointed me though is that 80% of the news, I already knew because of this awesome blog. Goes to show you’ve been doing a great job, Zach. πŸ™‚

            Tip for future shows: Tell us about some things that have been first annouced in Blabber Box. -For example, no one knew about Dragon Nest until it was annouced in that Blabber Box episode.- Getting excited in this show is going to make people come back and enjoy the show.

            • So… what you’re saying is that thanks to my blog you were already aware of 80% of the 0 (zero) news that Nexon made in the video? I’m not sure if I should take that as a compliment or… Hmm…

              I hope so too. I want it to be more regular.

              Yeah I really think there needs to be more behind-the-scenes stuff like interviews and announcements and revelations coupled with Leaf Saga and Testers and that Combat Arms thing.

              • It was meant as a compliment.. cuz it was poorly done though.
                I knew all the stuff they talked about in the video because you posted things about those previously 100%.

                I’m guesssing this episode was made a while ago. No Jett news..? I looked it over and found nothing about the DFO revolution.. I mean, the resoultion was annouced a month ago.
                Am I alone or do you think so too?

              • I remember when Blabber Box was good, and it felt like a inside tour through Nexon and letting the devs have some fun. This felt more like a company tour where the company only shows it’s fake good side to the public.

                I really hated the bad animation of Luis and the bad acting in the video. And now that I am thinking of it …. NO COMBAT ARMS FUN VIDEO, NO DFO FUN VIDEO…. AND … NO … RANT…. AND ….RAVES!!!! THat is what I am always waiting for to see, I really like rants and raves because it shows Nexon’s view on their own things. If maplestory would get a new suckish patch, I would like to know Nexon’s take on it :p

                • Couldn’t have said it better, Robbin. πŸ™‚

                • “Germany, Spain and France are my two Euro Cup teams.”



                  Good to see that you like Italy a bit too. ;D You going to watch that game tomorrow?

                  (Wow.. feels like yesterday I started commenting on this blog. Now we can have idle-chitchat so casually. ;P)

              • Y U NO LIKE BORDERLANDS!!!! ZOMFG^$%E

                • Borderlands? -_-;… Yeah your alone on this one Robbin. πŸ™‚

                  Never was a fan of 2K games. There’s my origin of not liking it, if you really want a reason.

                  Oh, and if you bring me to 2K.inc I’ll make apologising as “ranting”. lol

              • Not enough, Appologize to 2K games NOW!@

                • uh huuuu, no work today>?

                • So when do you start?!?!?! It’s 2 PM for you already, or are you done?
                  I got a great idea if you aren’t bored. What if you make a drawing of what you think me and Joey look like… no not like retards or monsters….. but serious drawings. I wonder what you think we look like. DON’T INFLUENCE HIM JOEY BY TELLING HIM WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE!!! I want to see what he thinks we both loo like :p

                • I’ve been working since 9 this morning.

                • from 9-1? lazzzzy :p or were you at work while talking to me?

                • Yeah I was O_O. I think most times that I check comments I’m at work.

                • How do you do that? On your phone, or do you do it on your computer, and quickly click it away when you even hear a slightest sign that one of your collegue’s is somewhere near you?

                • Or I just openly but responsibly use the internet and listen to music and stuff while I’m working.

                  -Slaps Robbin- Y U SICK?

                • So when you are working, you use a computer to draw things on a tablet, right? Or do you sneak away during drawing class to check the comments πŸ˜‰
                  How are you doing it right now, at this moment?

                  I’m sick because I don’t feel good. Sore throath a lil bit.. sniffle.. idk did a google search.. my nose is plugged or w/e -,- SHUT UP STOP LAUGHING !Q!!!!!W@#@#@#E@!E$

                  Also, I am sick because the Netherlands is getting their asses kicked by Germany at the EK right now. Stopped watching after 50 minuts -,- still going on now but I couldn’t care less.

                • Well no I’m actually drawing on paper right now. And I just have me laptop right beside me and go on the internet while I want to. I doesn’t affect my work in anyway.

                  Yes, I did laugh when I read that part.

                  2-1 isn’t THAT bad Robbin.

                • It is, because we also lost against Denmark. No offence to anyone from Denmark, but we have a better football team. Well not right now, but in general … ugh you know what I mean. Sorry Danish people for saying that 😦
                  Now we only get to go against Portugal, and they are one of the best, just like Germany and The Netherlands are, but still , Portugal is really hard…
                  So we lost 2 out of 3 for some weird diabolic reason… We can only get to the second round if Germany wins against Denmark, and we win from Portugal with a 2 goal lead, or something like that :s

                  But then again, I don’t care much for The Netherlands, or soccer for that matter. I love North America much more, but to lazy to get into American Football or Hockey…

                • -EXPLODES- I NEVER WANT TO HEAR YOU SUGGEST THAT AMERICAN FOOTBALL IS BETTER THAN FOOTBALL (“SOCCER”) EVER AGAIN. TYVM. I like American Football but “soccer” is better. No arguments. Hockey is okay since it’s Canadian and I like Canada.

                • And in other news, I am sick

                • American Football is better than Soccer?

                  -Starts Laughing- CFL Football is good. NFL just.. ugh. -_-; I have my reasons. You can press them out of me if you feel like it.

                  Thank you for liking Hockey Zach. All the Canadians are proud of you. πŸ™‚

                  Now.. I think you like the Netherlands.

                  I mean, it’s fine. My Background is Italy. So..

                  GO ITALIA!~

                  The Euro cup is amazing to watch. The World Cup sucked because.. Well.. Italy Lost every game. Hasn’t happened since the 1800s or something. They got a whole new rookie-team this time. They kept some old players like Pirlo though. (He’s getting old)

                  Good luck to you Netherlanders. πŸ™‚

                • Germany, Spain and France are my two Euro Cup teams. Italy isn’t far behind.

                  GO ITALIA!~

                • Never really watched AMERICAN FOOTBALL, but it seems more manly… With football, players just lie on the ground and cry when they bouce on their opponent… pussies -,-

                • Well American Football players are padded with like 1000000x their body weight so you take them in a plane, drop them from a height of 48,000 feet into a field of rock and concrete and they would hardly feel a thing (I’m exaggerating slightly).

                • yeah, you exaggerated on the 48000 feet part. Drop them from 3000 feet and they wouldnΒ΄t feel a thing.

                • yes

                • mkay

                • β€œGermany, Spain and France are my two Euro Cup teams.”



                  Good to see that you like Italy a bit too. ;D You going to watch that game tomorrow?

                  (Wow.. feels like yesterday I started commenting on this blog. Now we can have idle-chitchat so casually. ;P)

                  *I actually said this before, but it appeared higher, so you would probably skip it, so I reposted it here*

                • LMAOOOO. That’s hilarious! LOL. Ahh. And the way you pointed it out is just as funny. Three*

                  Ofc I’m going to watch the game tomorrow. Didn’t watch today’s game though because I was busy :(.
                  Yeah I love talking generally about anything. It’s really fun. And besides, comments would be even less active without it :D.

                • Italy tied 1-1. There’s something called “Winning”! Ditch this whole “tying” concept.

                  Zach, did you end up watching it? πŸ™‚

                • Yeah Robbin and I were having a convo about it but it’s lost in the confusing web of comments above.

                  Robbin: Awww Joey, I just saw Italy tie against Kroatia Only watched the final 30 minuts during dinner. Fucking pussy Kroatian dude, acting like his legg was injured during the last 3 minuts so they had to take him off the field, BUT NOTHING HAPPENED!

                  Me, replying to Robbin: Not like Italy was playing to pull off another goal in those last 3 minutes anyway.

                • Ohkay.

                  @Robbin Profile Pic Comment: http://media.photobucket.com/image/katekyo%20hitman%20reborn%20tsuna/blackat13hades/hitman%20reborn/largeAnimePaperscans_Katekyo-Hit-1.jpg

                  Looks like a pikachu holding a apple and wearing a green barret? Lmao.
                  @Robbin Soccer comment: Geez I know! Me and my friends were laughing so hard when the stretcher came on. I doubt he got hurt. -_-;
                  @Zach Soccer Comment: Maybe. It still makes wonder why… every time Italy scores, less than a few minutes, the other team scores. -sigh-
                  Italy was pushing a bit near the end though. Notice how Italy loses motivation for a few minutes after the other team gets a goal?
                  Note: Reply to the Comment; “Not enough, Appologize to 2K games NOW!@” That way your comment will be shown on the bottom.

  2. NO, THIS WAY the comment wil be shown at the bottom, just stop replying xD
    So, did you guys watch Spain against the other country I forgot about…. 3-0! or 4-0, can’t really remember lol

  3. Orange is still mad about that video you made Zach send him.

    • lawl.. Orange… Call me maybe?


        Italy Won, Spain won. Oh that’s amazing. Just want we wanted to happen! Well, would’ve been better if Croatia won because they’re weaker.. But at least they didn’t tie!

        GO ITALIA!~ (btw I’m talking about the euro cup)

        • Nice, The Netherlands lost, we are out of the Euro Cup, but whatever, we played like crap this year, we didn’t deserve it anyways -,-

          • Eh you guys didn’t suck. Let’s blame it on those referees that kept making bad calls. (Even though they did exceptionally good.)

            • no we sucked, the whole country agrees. We didn’t win a single match, and we played bad. Everyone was only thinkg about themeselves and we .. played like crap

              • -Shrugs- You win some, you lose some.

                Kind of odd to see that a final match canadate (Spain vs Netherlands in the world cup) Didn’t get far here.

                • yeah, well we sucked, we didn’t play as good as back then. It’s like we didn’t play as a team…

                • If Orange ever finds out that someone at Nexon knows his nickname is Orange he’ll kill you. I hope that customer service rep. didn’t know who you were talking about LOL. I’ll show Orange your emails.

                • what do you mean with “I hope that customer service rep didn’t know who you were talking to”? You mean the part where I called that GM that closed my ticket YOUR BROTHER WHO’S NAME SHALL NO BE SAID. I also likinged this blog pot to Hime on tiwtter, so she probly knows SOMEONE in the building has a fruity nickname πŸ˜‰ jk jk I didn’t send it to her. But I would seriously be super gratefull if YOUR BROTHER could arrange something at Nexon .. .even if it is only for a week

                • I’ll ask him if I ever see him again. So you’re coming to LA this Summer?

                • Might, still need to finalize some plans, but I think I will go to LA, srry Joey xP

                • Why “if I ever see him again”, you live in the same house right?

                • He’s avoiding me. We were hoping to go visit our parents this Summer.

                • ooo Why is he avoiding you, you live in the same house… *confused*.
                  SO ther eis no way Orange can arrange anything for me @Nexon?

                • I think he got tired of his little brother teasing him so he’s avoiding me for fun. LOL he’ll come around in a day or 2. He’s staying at a friend. IDK. I’ll ask him when I see him. I doubt he can but I can’t answer for him.

                • okay, but in all seriousness, is he seriously annoyed by you? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, he is my golden ticket to nexon!!!!! ^*%&*%^^%&(^*%T^&&R*T^R*(#QY*&(DUQ#*(_UD)X#UDQC

                • Yeah we’re always annoyed at each other. We’re highly competitive, argumentative, rivals at everything and like annoying each other. But we are also probably two of the closest and most open brothers you’ll ever find… when we’re not protesting our brotherhood by avoiding each other and fighting.

                • But did he seriously run away with his wife because you irritated him, or is it more of a joke? Because I need him :((((

                • If this turns out to be real Jett, just like Dragon Warrior for CMS, I will get SOOOOOOO mad

                  “leaked pictures”

                  VIDEO OF JETT

                  This shows that Jett is just a Dragon Warrior of CMS. FUCK!!! This pisses me off SOOO MUCH!!! FUUUUCKKKKKK!!!! I wanna punch the person that came up with this in the face … well not really but … I mean, it was okay that CMS did it because I don’t play CMS or TMS, but GMS!!!, FUUUUU, that pisses me off so much. Okay, I have officialy lost intrest in Jett. Stupid Bucc/corsair ripoff.

                  And I remember Hime saying “CMS stealing our thunder” and “Jett is a big deal!”


                • It’s real. Skill sprites look better than than CMS’s though. The class skin overall with the exclusive storyline actually looks pretty awesome. I’ll be making one for sure. Yeah I’m disappointed that it’s not a new concept of a class using a cool laser gun and it’s kinda hard to get too excited now but I can’t wait for it to be released.

                  IGN: JettCo here I come!

                  How come Joey hasn’t commented in a while?
                  Edit: Nevermind he commented yesterday. -F3-. Because you and I have been commenting so often it seems like so long.

              • Its like Bonotelli on Italy, but everyone is Bonotelli in Netherlands. Never passes.etc?

                Btw where did Zach go? It’s been a few days.

  4. Zach…. you… email… NOW!

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