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[MSA] 3,000,000 Monthly Active Users

Great news! MapleStory Adventures, the Facebook adaption of global phenomenon 2D side-scrolling MMORPG MapleStory, has surpassed 3 million monthly active users.

MapleStory Adventures was Nexon’s first take at the social network gaming space. Their second launch is Wonder Cruise which is currently in pre-beta, open to only players of MapleStory Adventures. Unfortunately Wonder Cruise is not being well received, with generally negative reviews, but it’s not even if full beta yet so we’ll have to wait and see how it turns out.

[CABR] Combat Arms Celebrates Its 1st Anniversary in Brazil

Brazil MapleStory’s closure is approaching fast, but Nexon gaming in Brazil goes on as Combat Arms, the successful first-person shooter, celebrates its first anniversary of service in Brazil.

Level Up! Interactive, the publisher of Combat Arms and MapleStory in Brazil will celebrate one year of ‘Online FPS Action’ with the launch of CABR exclusive content and lots of other content. Check out the details here.

The latest Combat Arms global user statistic report in late April had the game at 10 million players worldwide, including 5 million in North America. At that time Combat Arms Europe had 3 million players. Nexon Europe has more recently announced that the European service has surpassed 4 million players just earlier in September.

Level Up! Interactive is the premier free online game publisher in Brazil with an impressive portfolio of titles including MapleStory, Combat Arms, RuneScape, Allods Online, Perfect World, Grand Chase, Ragnarok Online, Lunia Z and RF Online.

[KMS] 620,000 Concurrent Users

For the third time this Summer, MapleStory’s Korean service has eclipsed its own industry-leading peak concurrent user mark. After the Cannon Shooter update, KoreaMS hit 620,000 simultaneous users, less than a month after it hit 588,000 concurrent users and less than two months after it hit 417,000 concurrent users. After the Big Bang update last Summer KoreaMS hit 410,000 concurrent users.

These PCCU records are unbelievable. I would expect this out of a game service in China, where the population of gamers exceeds 500 million with a population of well over one billion, but not in Korea where the country’s total population is less than 48 million.

[GMS 1.00] Game Update – Age of Triumph [Chaos 5] + Notes + Dev. Blog

Update 2: The game update has concluded at around 6:38PM Pacific (9:38PM Eastern) and the game is now open. Total update time was around ten hours and 38 minutes.

Update: The game update has been extended for another hour and the game is now expected to go live at 7:00AM Pacific (10:00AM Eastern).

MapleStory will be going through a scheduled game update on Wednesday, August 10, 2011. During this period, all game servers will be unavailable. The game update will last approximately 10 hours. Name changes and world transfers will be processed during this maintenance. The long maintenance time is due to Nexon performing network updates.

{ Time }
Pacific: Wednesday, August 108:00PM to 6:00 AM Thursday, August 11
Eastern: Wednesday, August 10 @ 11:00 AM to 9:00 AM Thursday, August 11

{ Updates }
– [Chaos 5] Age of Triumph
– Capture the Flag PvP mode
– Silent Crusade quest line
– Crusader Codex
– Cash Shop update
– Gachapon Update

Updates notes and dev. blog after the jump.

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[GMS] Dev. Blog: Capture the Flag

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[NX] Nexon Invests In Social Game Developer 6waves Lolapps

Just a week after it was launched, Nexon’s first take at the Facebook platform, MapleStory Adventures, has hit 646,388 monthly active users, making it the fastest growing Korean social game ever.

Less than fix months after Nexon invested in Facebook-based Lucky Train developer A Bit Lucky, the company has invested in the recently merged 6waves Lolapps. Now together, 6waves and Lolapps make the second largest Facebook gaming company by total monthly active users, behind only Zynga (over 35 million MAU). Driven by Nexon’s investment, 6waves Lolapps is looking to challenge social gaming giants Zynga and Electronic Arts.

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with 6waves Lolapps in such a significant way,” said Seung-woo Choi, CEO of Nexon in Seoul. “By joining forces, we are combining 6waves Lolapps’ experience in publishing and developing social games with our extensive knowledge of free-to-play games and the microtransaction business model.”

Now, Nexon, start working on expanding your desktop platform portfolio now. Thanks. But keep up the good work in social gaming too. Do both. And consoles. All three please.