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This Month in our Past: September

Welcome to September’s edition of This Month in Our Past.

Two new worlds, two new PQs, Cody’s promise that he has yet to fulfill, an aggressive clock (of all things…), a poorly implemented but great idea, one of the most disappointing updates ever and Shammos’ moment of glory. September has been an average month.

September 2005

Client Version Update: 0.07
Game Update Name: –
Game Update Date: Thursday, September 8, 2005

– New World – Broa
– Cody and the Theme Park quest
-End of the Mark of the Beta giveaway

It was GlobalMS’s third world, Broa, added in September 2005. This came along with Cody’s promise of a great theme park that the players are still waiting for six years later and the end of the Mark of the Beta giveaway.

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[NXNA] Nexon America’s Q2 Revenue Up 38% Year-Over-Year

Nexon America has announced that its revenues have increased 38% in the second quarter of 2011 when compared to the same period in 2010. This at a time when general growth in the video game industry continues to decline.

“The second quarter was an example of us doing what we do best,” said Daniel Kim, Nexon America’s CEO. “We delivered compelling content that kept our players coming back to take on adventures and have fun in our games, regardless of whether they pay a few dollars or play for free.”

Nexon services, through its publishing arms and business partners, over 30 games globally in 72 countries with over 350 million players. Nexon America itself publishes MapleStory (Global), Mabinogi (North America), Combat Arms (North America), Dungeon Fighter Online (North America), Vindictus (North America), Atlantica Online (Global) and has recently launched the open beta of the anticipated action MMO Dragon Nest. Nexon America has over 16 million registered users.

In 2010 Nexon America amassed 639 million Won in revenue, and with a 59% increase and 38% increase in revenues year-over-year in the first and second quarters, Nexon America is well on track to surpass their 2010 total.

Nexon America’s Q3 Approval Rating Survey


Current: 56.10% – A surge in undecideds has caused both approvals and disapprovals to move down.

Today is the first Monday of the first month of the third quarter and that means it’s time for Nexon America’s Q3 Approval Rating Survey. This survey will see how the community has felt about the way Nexon America has run its games over the last six months (since there was no Q2 poll). This survey will last until August 19.

You are required to give a little more information on this survey than previous polls because I want to have an idea on who is voting and what they are basing their vote on. Don’t worry, none of the questions ask you to give any specific personal information other than age. There are also a few questions that ask you to give information mostly unrelated to the meaning of the survey but related to Nexon America. These questions are completely optional.

As for the actual approval rating part, there are three options. If you approve of the job Nexon America has been doing over the last six months, pick ‘Approve’. If you disapprove pick ‘Disapprove’ and if you do not have an opinion pick ‘Undecided’.

The survey consist of nine questions, six of them requiring answers. It should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. An update on the current approval rating will be posted and updated on this post regularly. The final approval rating will be posted on August 19.

Take the survey by clicking the link below:

Nexon America’s Q3 Approval Rating Survey

Here is a reminder of approval ratings from past polls:

[DN] Dragon Nest Open Beta Launched

It’s not arguable that Dragon Nest has achieved massive success across Asia since it was first launched in Korea in March 2010, accumulating over 60 million registered users and 800,000 concurrent users in just 16 months. Incredible. Now it’s time for the world’s fastest growing action online game to take on the North American market. Nexon America has opened the game’s first three North American servers as of midday on Tuesday, July 26, 2011.

This hasn’t exactly been a smoothly running first day of open beta though as there is a lot of lag currently being experienced by many players, including me. Many players also cannot even get onto the game and some are even having problems patching their closed beta client. Oh well, it IS beta.

There are three servers currently open for North America players, Velskud (Western North America), Argenta (Eastern North America) and Gerrant (Eastern North America). Why there would be more Eastern servers than Western, I don’t know, but I’m sure Nexon knows that they’re doing.

Open Beta Update Notes

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[PT!] PopTag! Servers Taken Down For Last Time

It’s all over. The cheerful water balloon fights are all gone. The North American PopTag! servers have been taken offline permanently as of July 14, 2011 as the service has come to an end. I played my last game on Monday. Nexon is compensating PopTag! players quite generously.

While the PopTag! service has closed as of July 14, 2011, Nexon America remains truly grateful to our wonderful community of players. As a thank you all for your support, we are compensating NX items currently in the possession of PopTag! players. Compensation will be given on a sliding scale, based on the date of purchase:

Gachapon Super-Rare items will also be compensated based on the above policy. All compensations will be processed on July 21, 2011.

Additionally, all PopTag! players who created a character before 3/14 and logged into the game between March 14 and June 14, 2011 will have 15,000 Maple Points($15 Value) awarded to their account on July 21, 2011. If you currently have a MapleStory character, you can check your balance in the MapleStory Cash Shop. If you don’t currently have a MapleStory character, you can create one then check the Cash Shop, where your Maple Points will be waiting to give you a head start in your next adventure!

We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy many of our other great Nexon games and continue to be part of our family.

Thank you to the PopTag! community for supporting the game. It’s been a valuable experience as we work to bring even more exciting online games to life in the future.

This Month in Our Past: July

July’s edition of This Month in Our Past has finally arrived! I apologize for the lateness.

July. Summer. Big Updates. July is my favorite month of the year because it always brings big updates. From the first ever Day of Darkness, to our favorite massive swimming-pool-in-the-ocean in Maple World. Empress Cygnus began recruiting her defenders on the world and a new class arose from the darkness. But the biggest July update of them all: The opening of the great MASTERIA.

July 2005

Client Version Update: 0.05
Game Update Name: –
Game Update Date: Thursday, July 14, 2005

– Summer Items
– GM Events

The first ever GM event look place in July 2005. It was basically the Day of Darkness with all the summoning around popular towns in Maple World, except it wasn’t called Day of Darkness back then.

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