[BB] Blabber Box Mini 3

No, not Black Berry. Blabber Box! Blabber Box Mini 3 is here and the next full episode is coming soon!


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  1. Gotta love the humor nexon puts into this.
    “Screw Nexon. Except for Luis.
    Luis is awsome”

  2. msupdate :
    Yeah that part was funny .

    there are alot of more funny moments.
    I really like cross-overs (to be honest, you can make me really really happy with a cross over of something, as long as I know 1 of those), so I really liked the Leroy Jenkins part in the previous New Leaf Saga, and I really like it when they break the 4th wall 😉
    To be honest I could watch blabber box the whole day, as long as it’s something new, just because Nexon grants us a view in their awsome company =D
    I like how Luis is funny. oooh and Nick, hes funny. Didn’t know who he was before the 1st blabber box, appearantly he did something for mabinogi … he’s funny doing all the emoticon faces :i

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