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[BB] Blabber Box Episode 4

It’s hilarious, unless you don’t understand what the heck is going on.

I love this episode of Testers, and the future reports on their games. So funny… Happy Nexon gaming!

[GMS] Global Chaos Unveiled & Blabber Box Episode 3

Me: So… what IS the Chaos update?
You: Well, Chaos is a three part update…
Me: NO! Chaos is coming to Global MapleStory in FIVE PARTS
You: Oh, well, Chaos is really big…
Me: NOOO!!!!! It’s not big, it’s MASSIVE.
You: Oh yeah, I agree. Well we’ll basically be taking a lot of content straight from Korea…
Me: NO NO NO!!!!! The fifth and final part of the GlobalMS Chaos update will add into the game EXCLUSIVE CONTENT.
You: And how exactly do you know all of this?
Me: Well, the Machinima team paid a visit to Nexon America’s offices recently and they had an exclusive interview with MapleStory producer Kristin Cox and it is the official unveiling of Global MapleStory’s Chaos update. Not only that, but BLABBER BOX EPISODE 3 IS OUT!!!

Maybe we’ll see even more secrets being unveiled at E3.

Also, Vindictus and Dragon Nest.

[NXNA] Servers Getting Ready for the Summer

Things are getting VERY interesting around here.

Greetings Nexon gamers,

Summer of 2011 is set to be the biggest ever for Nexon. We are planning for the launch of Dragon Nest, social games, and BIG changes to the Nexon website. And of course, we’re also planning for fantastic updates to our current lineup of games. In anticipation of these additions, we’ll be performing a lot of preparation on the back end to ensure that our servers and hardware are ready for the expected increase in the number of people playing our games. Below is how maintenances will shape up in our build up to the summer months.

Maintenance Plans:

1. Sporadic maintenances occurring outside of the weekly maintenances (usually late Tuesday evenings).
2. Longer downtimes during weekly maintenances.
3. Possible downtime for websites as well as games.

We’re hoping to get a lot of the work done early so that the summer season goes smoothly. We’ll do our best to provide as much prior announcement as possible before maintenances occur. In the meantime, we are extremely grateful to our players for your patience. Here’s to a great summer, and thank you for playing Nexon’s games!

-The Nexon Team-


We all know about Dragon Nest. I’m very happy to hear about new social games being launched in America as I think that Nexon America only servicing eight after all of six years in an industry that they dominate and a business model that they pioneered is quite unsatisfactory. It’s likely that MapleStory Adventures for Facebook will be one of these social games. The BIG changes to the website, I assume, will be the long awaited launch of game portal and social network service BlockParty. And then we have the big updates to the games. The only update I would know of right now would be MapleStory Chaos. Will we see a new game mode hitting Combat Arms, new dungeons being added to DFO, new maps coming to PopTag? Maybe a new region in Atlantica or a new character in Vindictus, or even the launch of Vindictus Xtreme Edition?

I hope that these maintenances pay off.