[NX] [DFO] [XBOX] Nexon’s Going To E3!

So Nexon actually IS heading the the E3 Expo from June 5-7 in the Los Angeles Convention Centre, but not with a booth. I suspect that Nexon America’s non-attendance at this year’s E3 has something to do with its 2011 losses. It has been over a year since Nexon announced Dungeon Fighter Online for the Xbox 360 and a media showcase on Dungeon Fighter Live: Fall of Hendon Myre will be hosted at E3. The showcase is scheduled to begin on June 6 at 10:30AM PT and will last for around 30 minutes. It includes an introduction and demo of the game as well as a question and answer session.

Dungeon Fighter Live: Fall of Hendon Myre is scheduled for release within 2012.

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  1. So how are htey going to show off their demo if they don’t have a boot. If a boot is what I tink it is, it’s a place where you can stand and show off your games right?
    What loss did Nexon make? They make profit after profit after me crying after profit!

    • LOL. You’re lack of English skills is hilarious at time Robbin. A booth in expo terms is that space that a company is allotted to and can do basically whatever they want with it. They can construct a miniroom or just leave it open with giant banners as boundaries. Stuff like that.

      You can see pics of Nexon’s booth from last year’s E3 here or here.

      • FUUUUUUUUUUUU, I meant bootH, not boot… ugh -,-
        So how can they still show of the Demo and stuff, when they don’t have a bootHHHHHHHHHHHHH?

        • It’s possible that they have a presentation area or have a small room to do their presentation or something. But they’re not on the exhibitor list or the booth map and their releases didn’t mention a booth number.

    • And for the 2011 calendar year Nexon America recorded losses of $9.6 million despite increased revenue.

  2. I remember me watching this trailer over and over and over and over again, because I “was so dang excited for it! Playing DFO, in the same room, with all my friends, on a big screen TV! There was gonna be so good times, maybe I do that as a walkthrough for YouTube!

    Theeennn, I found out it wasn’t for Wii. Only “this-gen” console I have. -Sigh- Tell me if it’s good. 😛

  3. Well sorry! As I said earlier, I’m a casual gamer who enjoys his share of hardcore things. (:

    Debating weather to get the Wii U or ps4 though. Life is not easy.

  4. Wait, Orange works at Nexon, so wouldn’t you get it for free..?

    • LOL. No. I don’t get any benefits from Orange working there. Orange can get it if it’s interested though.

      • ooh and another hint, in the quest called “tracking the outlaw”,
        ” to Jump to the upcoming GMS exclusive character. A Sharing Tag is required to move it within the account. ”

        Confirmed, give me my early acces to the GMS exclusive character NOAW.

      • EVEN MORE PROOF from the “known issue”

        “Many players experience lag when certain Magician skills are used.”

        Why only magician skills? Because Nexon made a mistake when trying to implent some of the Bounty Hunter magician data, and accidently did something in the code that affected all mage skills, and now people lagg when using mage skills…

        It’s so obvious, email me with a answer 😡

        • That could be due to so many reasons O_O.

          • nah, I like conspiracy theories, and this one sounds really good 😉 Why would it be only makes? xD

            • It’s only mages because only mages have the Arcane Aim skill.
              Arcane Aim combined with certain multi-hit mob skills causes severe lag for many mid-to-low range computers, and eventually a client crash for all systems when used on large mobs with high HP.

    • Joey check your email!! 😡 the one that starts with a J and ends with 07

  5. Okay I now know for sure what the GMS exclusive job is.
    They said that it was going to be a hero in the “reaveal” WRONG.
    It is going to be the new race that was hinted at in KMS code (thanks Shakar) : “Bounty Hunter”.

    Why else would we be getting all these Bounty Hunter quests during the Maple Class Reunion?
    -Kill these Bounty Hunters
    -Track Bounty Hunter signs
    -“strange, it looks like these equips are worn by Bounty Hunters”

    Nexon is throwing all these hints at us, it is more than obvious, it’s a Bounty Hunter MAGE.
    Why mage? Look at the reward for the Bounty Hunter Event, “scroll magic att”, “swiss cheese”. All the rewards only add Magic Attack, they don’t add any wep att.
    Why would Nexon do that if this is the pre-quest for a job that uses wep att? Because the job doesn’t use wep att. It is a Mage Bounty Hunter.

    This feels just like the Aran, Cygnus and Canoneer pre-qeust. They tease you with what is to come, with some random information, and then suddenly, BAM, we have a new job.

    Mark my words, Bounty Hunter Mage, wearing White clothes.

    • ^ Smart.

      • Joeri have you received my reply?

        Needs to be done before Monday… Preferably in the weekend X]

        • M-M-M-M-Monday!??? I’m not a professional. I’ll do my best though. I was planning to do one a day because of life, but I guess it’s time to work TO THE MAX!

          Next time if you want me to help, give me notice..

          And I’m busy tomorrow too. I don’t want you to fail so tons of pressure is on me.

          I’ll work on the spearman and polearm. If my progress isnt going good by Saturday morning I’ll notify you. This is the most time-pressed project I’ve ever done..

          -nervous face-

          • -Grabs cheer leaders-
            -Cheer leaders cheer for Joey-

            YOU CAN DO IT.

          • ahahahaha don’t worry, I mean, if you can’t make it in time I will start doing it myself.. You are more like a backup person 😉
            So if you don’t get it in time it is completly fine. It’s just that, if my drawings suck and you have better drawings, I will use yours 😉

        • So I’ve spent 5 hours making a whole new sprite for a spearman.

          I’m 1/4 done. Is this good? Can I go to sleep now..? *Looks at Zach holding poms poms cheering for me*


          • Why didn’t Robbin ask me to help out? T_T. Anyway I’m too busy to do much in a short time frame anyway so good luck Joey.

            -Hires more cheer leaders-
            -More cheer leaders cheer for Joey-

            YOU CAN DO IT.

            • I never knew it was going to be a short time frame! I dont want to be a jerk and quit after I said I would!

              And why did you hire orange? He doesn’t like being on top of the pyrimid and he keeps complaining about that he should be working at Nexon. But you just whip him and yell “GET BACK TO WORK!”

              • I’ll talk to Robbin in the morning. I’ll help him somehow. For now I’m tired and overworked. I’m going to bed. Later Zach!

              • Because I enjoy tormenting my brothers.

                • zach read the email I send you and Joey. All you guys need to do is make the symbols now, not the chars 😉

                • I’ll try but no promises. I already have so much drawing to do for work for Monday and Wednesday and those have to be done first.

                • Yeah. I’m at Ottawa on my laptop (all my work is on my home computer) so good luck Zach!

                  -hires cheerleaders-

                  I summon Zach! Do Animating Attack!

                • -Stares at pile of sketches that I need for have for Monday and then at pile of drawings that I need for Wednesday which I need to do as much of over the weekend because I’m sure that work on Monday and Tuesday is going to be a bitch and probably pile even more drawings and animations to do-

                  -Hires every cheerleader in the world-
                  GO ROBBIN! YOU CAN DO IT!

              • *take Orange off the cheerleader pyramid*

                His sexy body would only distract you from your work.
                NOW GET BACK TO WORK!

            • Alright Zach, here is my prediction.
              The job is going to be called Locust.
              It will live in a town called Prosca… and there will be a new boss called Kantura.
              It will get here June 28th. Locust and Luca…. hmmmm. Am I on the right track?

          • BTW Joey. When’s your birthday?

    • Bounty Hunter doesn’t have to be the new ‘race’. Could be though. Maybe Bounty Hunter is actually the new class that is a part of the Hero ‘race’. That would make sense since Nexon explicitly stated it was a hero. The mage thing is more plausible. I had never said to anyone that it would be a pirate. It makes sense that it’s a pirate but Nexon could do anything.

      • but why have 2 mage heroes.
        It does make sense to have a new race (which is leaked in KMS coding) called Bounty Hunters. Imagine random badasses brought together by a mysterios man. He makes them hunt bounty’s on people’s heads, which in the story line just happen to be the Black Mage generals. The dudes are the best in their job, which is why the mysterious man brought them together and formed the group ” Bounty Hunters”.
        Think of the word HERO, said in the dev blog, not as “one of the 5 legendary heroes” but as “another strong character to deliberate us from the evil that we call the Black Mage”.. So not a hero as in a job, but just someone that does thing for the good side, not the evil side.

        I am sticking with my Bounty Hero theory.

        • I’m not dismissing your theory. I just don’t find what you’re saying to make me anywhere near sure that what your saying is what will happen.

          • Only magic att rewards are given as a reward for the pre-quest of the GMS exclusive job. This shows us that the job will use magic att. Why give a badge as a reward to share with the job (badge = lv 100 canon prequest reward for canoneer, DB maybe had the same thing)… Why not a hat or anything? Because a badge is something a sherif would wear in the Wild West… or a Bounty Hunter. They have dropped like 5 hints that it is a mage Bounty Hunter. Either that, or the pirate hero is a Bounty Hunter as a job and uses Magic Att….. Which would piss me off because Magic Att is boosted my INT, so he should use a combination of STR/DEX and INT.

  6. Scrapping through Nexon Americas Recycling and what do I find? A booklet of the new classes and exclusive content/events coming to GMS. Please, I will be spoiling 2-5 months worth of info that they are working on, so please leave if you don’t want to hear about it.

    Hopefully they are clear enough to read, I tried my best with the pictures. So to the people who can’t read, let me just lay out a quick review.
    New Jobs
    The race is called locust and it involves 2 classes Male and Female I’m guessing..
    Jett and Loca, I looked through the booklet and I couldn’t find what weapon they use which kinda sucks -.- But its fine !
    From the looks of it, they are releasing a new boss with the classes, called ”kantura”.
    They are also releasing a new town called ”Prosca” Could this be the town of the locust class?
    AND it says new level 180 weapons.. *0* which is gonna be pretty cool I guess. I visited page 43 for more info on Prosca and you wouldn’t believe were this town is located.. Its gonna be attached to kerning city, underground which means it leads to the subways. The town was apparently sealed years ago and there has been a giant city living under kerning all these years.. pretty cool eh? Theres no pictures yet at all, I just took pics of the most important page for you guys which was the grid graph thingy showing upcoming events. And if you guys noticed, the locust race is coming out June 28th 2012 midnight and loca is coming out July 18th 2012.
    Now heres the big news.. I’m not sure if its confirmed but its labeled as INCOMPLETE on the paper. A GMS revamp.. Big bang much? It said visit page 78 but from pages 54, everything else after was removed for some reason o-o Maybe they needed it, not sure.
    So what do you guys think? And I think I deserve a thanks.. I was bored with my friends plus I’m in summer so we went to visit Nexon america and we were curious if we could find some posters or something in the trash about the new jobs, but we found something better lolz.
    ENJOY credits go to my friend Josh that actually jumped into the bin, I was scared haha :l
    EDIT2: Yes i know it says maintence, but for some reason through the whole booklet they say maintence not maintenance, maybe its the short version o-o ? I really don’t know, ill try posting they other pages in a few hours cause I need to go now, and by the way, you don’t need to believe it o-o.. If you wanna say its fake, go ahead, its your opinion but just wait till june 28th.. and then you’ll be eating your words. kk bye bye bai baii xox keep the thread alive

    • Saw it. Don’t buy it.

      1. It’s very easy to forge.
      2. Nexon hinted at a single exclusive class, not 2.
      3. Locust is a stupid name.
      4. Why in the world would Nexon have their TOS on such a document?
      5. It won’t be easy to find that considering that Nexon is in a building with several other companies.
      6. Kantura and Prosca are two types of names that someone would just make up.
      7. A GMS revamp? I doubt that highly.
      8. ‘Maintenance’ is spelt incorrectly.

      The whole thing just doesn’t look right.

      • I agree…locust??? Wth nexon copying Gears of war or something? GMS new class is the locust horde??? >_> And people can just forge that easily. Anyone can make a fake piece of paper and say “Alien class! shoots lazers needs NX go go go” and post it on basil. And lv 180 equips? That’s a pretty big unecessary jump.

        • Agreed.

          And Nexon just throws their classified papers into the garbage? Unlikely. A paper like this would be shredded/disposed of some other way. Also, this information was supposedly in a booklet type thing. That paper doesn’t look it came out of any booklet with any other pages.

      • I already thought it was fake when I noticed how the paper wasn’t really curved enough as it would be when you make it a ball to throw it in the trashcan.. .also, some of the stuff seemed a bit to … weird … like 2 jobs o.O and why would Nexon make a stupid crosstab like that to show to the “company” a easy list of when stuff is getting released … seems stupid. But I just posted it that IF it is true, I can get some credit for posting it on here 😉

        • -Stares at pile of sketches that I need for have for Monday and then at pile of drawings that I need for Wednesday which I need to do as much of over the weekend because I’m sure that work on Monday and Tuesday is going to be a bitch and probably pile even more drawings and animations to do-

          -Hires every cheerleader in the world-

          • Thanks, but I think I can only be happy when your wif- I mean Orange’s wif– I mean ….. ooh boy this isn’t going the way I wanted it to go ….
            uhm … uhm …. I can only be happy when Orange dances for me …. 🙂

            • I offered him 1 million dollars, but he refused. -_-; Sorry! 😀

              • Joey don’t you know anything? Orange can’t be bought with money, you have to give it water and sunlight, and then it will grow and have affection for you.

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