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[DFO] Massive Update To Hit DFO

Dungeon Fighter Online (Arad Senki in Japan, Dungeon & Fighter in other Asian regions) has already made a name of itself globally as it has risen to be one of the most popular online games in the world with over 200 million registered users. It also held the world record for number of concurrent users until recently, at 2.2 million. The North American service of the game will update to Act X: Rebirth this June, and its huge. Only the first content preview has been revealed so far with more previews coming on May 24, June 1 and June 15.

The first preview shows us THE NEW CLASS: THIEF and its two subclasses ROGUE and NECROMANCER. For more information on the Act X update, visit the teaser website at

[DFO] [NXMob] Nexon Mobile Withdraws Dungeon Fighter Slayer Edition

Just one day after its launched, Nexon Mobile has pulled Dungeon Fighter Slayer Edition from the English App Store. It is believed that this is due to the extremely bad reviews the game had been getting in the hours following its release. I hope we will see the game re-released in the near future after Nexon has gone back to the drawing board.

[DFO] [NXMob] Dungeon Fighter Slayer Edition Released

Just one day after the announcement of Dungeon Fighter Online for XBox Live, Nexon Mobile has announced the release of Dungeon Fighter Slayer Edition for iOS. The game is available for $4.99 and is playable on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Dungeon Fighter Online is one of the most popular online games in the world with over 200 million global players and a world record of 2.2 million concurrent users. Dungeon Fighter Online has been played by one in five (20%) of the Chinese. The game has been released for purchase in English and Korean for iOS.

This adds to Nexon’s growing list of games being operated in North America.


Combat Arms
Dungeon Fighter Online
Atlantica Online
Dragon Nest (Upcoming)

Facebook Platform

MapleStory Adventures (Upcoming)


MapleStory: Thief Edition
Joyful Netiquette (not available in English)
2012: Seoul (not available in English)
Kart Rider Rush
Dungeon Fighter Slayer Edition

Xbox 360 (+Xbox Live)

Dungeon Fighter Online (Upcoming)

[DFO] [XBOX] Nexon Announces Dungeon Fighter Online for Xbox 360

Nexon is finally entering the console market later this year as they partner with Microsoft to bring the extremely popular action brawler Dungeon Fighter Online to Xbox 360. The Nexon America leadership has expressed their interest in entering the console market through interviews several times in the past. They said that they had not yet developed games for consoles because at present there are no ways for Nexon to continue their usual free-to-play with optional microtransaction business model on consoles. Whether Nexon has found a way around this issue or if future players will have to do the usual and actually buy the boxed version of the game is unclear.

Dungeon Fighter Online is developed by Neople, an internal development studio of Nexon Corp. Launched in Korea in August 2005 and North America in June 2010, Dungeon Fighter Online has over 200 million players worldwide and has set a world record of 2.2 million concurrent users across Asia. The game features an old school arcade-style graphics style with fast paced beat ’em up action combat.

[DFO] Dungeon Fighter Passes 260,000 Concurrent Users in Korea

Nexon has announced that the hit Dungeon & Fighter (Dungeon Fighter Online in America) has topped 260,000 simultaneous players. The reaching of this milestone can be attributed to the releasing on a new character and massive Winter events.

In Korea only Dungeon & Fighter, MapleStory (Nexon) with 410,000, Crazy Arcade (PopTag! in America) (Nexon) with 350,000 and Sudden Attack (Gamehi) with 250,000 have surpassed 250,000 concurrent users so far.

Dungeon & Fighter may have just now completed such a milestone in Korea, but it holds a world record (amongst all games) of 2.2 million simultaneous players when it hit 2 million simultaneous players in China in 2009. The other 200,000 in that record came from Korea and Japan (the game wasn’t yet available in Taiwan or North America). Dungeon & Fighter has a total of 200 million players worldwide making it one of the most popular games in the world.

Dungeon & Fighter is developed by what is now an internal development studio of Nexon Corporation, Neople.

[NXNA] DST Change Server Maintenance

Dear Players,

Daylight savings change is happening this weekend, and we will be performing maintenance on Sunday to reflect the changes for all Nexon games.

Game maintenance will last approximately two and a half hours. Remember to move your clocks back (2 AM will become 1 AM).

Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Pacific: 1:00 AM PDT – 2:30 AM PST, Sunday, November 7th, 2010
Eastern: 3:00 AM EST – 5:30 AM EST, Sunday, November 7th, 2010

All Nexon games
Charge NX will be unavailable

-The Nexon Team-