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[WC] Nexon America Reveals Wonder Cruise

Nexon America has announced its second social game for Facebook, Wonder Cruise. The game has actually been in pre-beta since August 30 but was not officially announced until now. Pre-beta lasts until September 12 and all players data will be wiped after the pre-beta.

Come aboard your very own luxury liner and sail into your next great adventure! Customize your ship to include all kinds of exciting activities, amenities, even architectural wonders! Level up to unlock new ports and visit exotic new locales. Just be sure to keep your cruise guests socializing, relaxed, and entertained because when your passengers are pleased, you’ll earn more money to make your cruise ship even more spectacular! Anchors aweigh, my friends, your high seas adventure awaits!

Nexon continues its push into the social gaming space. That’s good but they need to start looking to publish more desktop MMOs.

The Facebook page for Wonder Cruise is

[NX] Nexon Invests In Social Game Developer 6waves Lolapps

Just a week after it was launched, Nexon’s first take at the Facebook platform, MapleStory Adventures, has hit 646,388 monthly active users, making it the fastest growing Korean social game ever.

Less than fix months after Nexon invested in Facebook-based Lucky Train developer A Bit Lucky, the company has invested in the recently merged 6waves Lolapps. Now together, 6waves and Lolapps make the second largest Facebook gaming company by total monthly active users, behind only Zynga (over 35 million MAU). Driven by Nexon’s investment, 6waves Lolapps is looking to challenge social gaming giants Zynga and Electronic Arts.

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with 6waves Lolapps in such a significant way,” said Seung-woo Choi, CEO of Nexon in Seoul. “By joining forces, we are combining 6waves Lolapps’ experience in publishing and developing social games with our extensive knowledge of free-to-play games and the microtransaction business model.”

Now, Nexon, start working on expanding your desktop platform portfolio now. Thanks. But keep up the good work in social gaming too. Do both. And consoles. All three please.

[MSA] MapleStory Adventures Closed Beta Applications Open!

The closed beta for upcoming MapleStory social game for the Facebook platform, MapleStory Adventures, is coming soon and Nexon has started accepting closed beta applications!

You’re a modern Mapler, aren’t you? Whether you’re an experienced explorer or just starting out in MapleStory, Facebook lets you keep your finger on the pulse of both your world and Maple World. And now, your favorite game is following you to your favorite social network!
MapleStory Adventures, the new MapleStory game for Facebook, is entering Closed Beta! It’s all the monster-fighting treasure-collecting excitement you love in your favorite MMO now in a Facebook-sized form!
There are currently a limited amount of FREE Closed Beta keys available. To get one, just head over to the MapleStory Adventures page for all the details! Act quickly, though. Things move fast in Maple World and you don’t want to get left behind!


[NXNA] Servers Getting Ready for the Summer

Things are getting VERY interesting around here.

Greetings Nexon gamers,

Summer of 2011 is set to be the biggest ever for Nexon. We are planning for the launch of Dragon Nest, social games, and BIG changes to the Nexon website. And of course, we’re also planning for fantastic updates to our current lineup of games. In anticipation of these additions, we’ll be performing a lot of preparation on the back end to ensure that our servers and hardware are ready for the expected increase in the number of people playing our games. Below is how maintenances will shape up in our build up to the summer months.

Maintenance Plans:

1. Sporadic maintenances occurring outside of the weekly maintenances (usually late Tuesday evenings).
2. Longer downtimes during weekly maintenances.
3. Possible downtime for websites as well as games.

We’re hoping to get a lot of the work done early so that the summer season goes smoothly. We’ll do our best to provide as much prior announcement as possible before maintenances occur. In the meantime, we are extremely grateful to our players for your patience. Here’s to a great summer, and thank you for playing Nexon’s games!

-The Nexon Team-


We all know about Dragon Nest. I’m very happy to hear about new social games being launched in America as I think that Nexon America only servicing eight after all of six years in an industry that they dominate and a business model that they pioneered is quite unsatisfactory. It’s likely that MapleStory Adventures for Facebook will be one of these social games. The BIG changes to the website, I assume, will be the long awaited launch of game portal and social network service BlockParty. And then we have the big updates to the games. The only update I would know of right now would be MapleStory Chaos. Will we see a new game mode hitting Combat Arms, new dungeons being added to DFO, new maps coming to PopTag? Maybe a new region in Atlantica or a new character in Vindictus, or even the launch of Vindictus Xtreme Edition?

I hope that these maintenances pay off.