[MSA] MapleStory Adventures Closed Beta Applications Open!

The closed beta for upcoming MapleStory social game for the Facebook platform, MapleStory Adventures, is coming soon and Nexon has started accepting closed beta applications!

You’re a modern Mapler, aren’t you? Whether you’re an experienced explorer or just starting out in MapleStory, Facebook lets you keep your finger on the pulse of both your world and Maple World. And now, your favorite game is following you to your favorite social network!
MapleStory Adventures, the new MapleStory game for Facebook, is entering Closed Beta! It’s all the monster-fighting treasure-collecting excitement you love in your favorite MMO now in a Facebook-sized form!
There are currently a limited amount of FREE Closed Beta keys available. To get one, just head over to the MapleStory Adventures page for all the details! Act quickly, though. Things move fast in Maple World and you don’t want to get left behind!



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  1. i want a key :c

  2. Haha i didnt expect to get a beta key and got 5 xD
    I might try this game 🙂

    • Can I pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease have one? ):

      • This is only for closed beta which means all character data will be wiped after it ends. Open beta should begin soon, so just wait it out. It doesn’t make much sense you beg for a key now since closed beta isn’t for much longer anyway. Besides, most of you want to play closed beta to play the game, but closed beta is supposed to be for testing purposes.

  3. Can u share one with me? 🙂

  4. i want one

  5. can i have one too?

  6. I need one plz:[

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