[NXJP] [SC] Shadow Company Japan Teaser Launched!

Nexon Co. Ltd. (Nexon Japan) has launched the teaser site for upcoming first-person shooter Shadow Company: The Mercenary War. Developed by Doobic Studios, the same studio which developed Combat Arms, Nexon has acquired the publishing rights to the game in Japan, North America and Europe. All three services are expected to begin by the end of the year. Shadow Company is published in Korea by CJ E&M.

Check out the teaser at http://shadowcompany.nexon.co.jp/teaser/.

I’ll put reservations on my honest opinion of the game until I actually get the chance to play it.


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  1. Great, another shooter, like if we didnt have enough >.>

    • It’s not that bad. Shooters are like the core genre of the Western gaming market. Both Nexon America and Nexon Europe will only have three shooters with the addition of Shadow Company. America has Combat Arms and Sudden Attack while Europe has Combat Arms and War Rock.

    • Dang it you are back. GO AWAY !!!!! *scares Arhz2993 away*…
      Haha now I scared him away :p
      Muhahahahaha =D

      • -Slaps Robbin- U MAD BOY?

        • Seems more like U MAD Zach :p
          I rarely pay attention to the posts unless it is Maplestory or Nexon’s attitude related, or just something that happens to interest me / when I’m bored (U mad? :p ), but I just looked at the image above (the thumbnail of the video) and the graphics look nice :p

          • -Facepalm- The graphics are kinda meh. Quite honestly just from the vids Shadow Company doesn’t seem to have the element of excellent gameplay which has allowed Combat Arms to become to successful despite its mediocre graphics. So let’s just hope that my first impressions of Shadow Company are wrong. It has a nice name though.

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