[NXJP] Legend of Edda Japan Website Launched

Nexon Japan has launched the website for their upcoming anime-style MMORPG Legend of Edda, developed by Eyasoft, a studio that Nexon recently invested into by buying out 20% of the studio’s stock. The website can be seen here. Legend of Edda is published in North America by OnNet USA on their GamesCampus portal. View the website here.

Eyasoft also developed Luna Online and Iris Online, which are both published by Gala-Net on GPotato.

Nexon Japan is launching new games like mad, and will have the award-winning Vindictus by the end of the year. Nexon Korea will take over service of Sudden Attack and Atlantica in Korea this Summer. Nexon Europe plans to launch Vindictus later this year. I’m excited to know what MMO plans Nexon America has for after Dragon Nest’s launch. Kart Rider? Air Rider? Everplanet? Cyphers from Neople? An external game? COME ON NEXON AMERICA, ANNOUNCE YOUR NEXT MMO.


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  1. sure, make up names, Kart rider, Air rider, what’s the next game, Broken-car Rider ?
    Nah I know they are real titles -,-
    I just woke up … and don’t know what to comment

  2. Just for sayin, Nexon Europe will also publish Lunia Chronicles(LuniaZ in Korea) in Europe. For more information, go to: http://blog.allm.co.kr/2011/06/02/euservice2/

    • Thanks for informing me. I’m glad that Lunia is being rescued from OGPlanet’s terrible publishing.

      • why, what did OGplanet that is so wrong .. did they rarely update ?

        • The whole service of their games just sucks in general. Their customer service system makes Nexon’s look like the best thing ever, the amount of hacking in their games is unbelievable, they hardly ever communicate with their players and they do nothing special to attract new users such as being a powerful force at expos like E3, taking part in industry discussions or actually signing to publish games that have a chance of doing extremely well in North America/Europe such as a Vindictus, a Combat Arms or a Dragon Nest.

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