[NXEU] Nexon Europe Bringing Shadow Company, Unannounced Title To Gamescom


Nexon Europe S.a.r.l. has announced that it will be presenting two of its upcoming titles, the previously unveiled Shadow Company: The Mercenary War, and an unannounced naval real-time strategy game, at Gamescom 2012, to be held in Cologne, Germany from August 16 to 19.

Shadow Company is the next first-person shooter from Doobic Studios, the developer of Combat Arms. It’s built on the Unreal Engine 3 and promises a fast paced and highly intense gameplay (aren’t FPS’s getting tired of all promising the same thing?). Shadow Company’s graphics actually look a little sketchy to me, especially for a game which utilized the extremely powerful Unreal Engine 3.

The game, however, promises to be highly innovative with a series of unique gameplay modes and systems over “at least decent” graphics and a fast paced environment. Knowing Doobic, the game will be chuck full of content and content updates will be regular and well sized.

Shadow Company is published in South Korea by CJ E&M, the previous publisher of the blowout success that is the Korea service of Sudden Attack (which has since migrated to Nexon, quite a hilarious read). Nexon has acquired the publishing rights for Shadow Company in Japan, Europe and North America. The Japanese service is currently is its teaser phase and is awaiting beta testing, while the North American and European services are expected to be launched in late 2012 or early 2013.

As for the unannounced title, nothing very much is known about this since it’s, you know, unannounced. I honestly can’t speculate at this point. I really have no idea. But Gamescom is just a few weeks away, so we’ll get more info then! (Hopefully)


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  1. I truly thought it was Nexon NA at first. I am dissapoint.

    • I wish it was Nexon America too. Kinda sad how Nexon America seems not be so much focussed on the downloadable MMO market anymore :(. I WANT CYPHERS AND AWESOME NEW GAMES.

      • Real-time strategy game….



        Yeah nexon is focusing on FaceBook and Mobile and UGH who cares!?

        I’m waiting for Nexon’s game of the summer, but we might have to wait for Nexon’s December game. But It’s just another shooter! -facedesk-

        • 1) No. The unannounced RTS is naval-themed, so Cyphers is out of the running. I think.

          2) It’s Cyphers, not Chyphers. I think.

          3) I CARE! I think.

          4) I thought I debunked that ‘Summer game’ and ‘December game’ theory long ago. First of all, Nexon has never launched a game in December before. Secondly, they’ve only launched two downloadable games in Summer before. March and May are the most active months for new Nexon game launches. I think.

          Let the all out war with Joey begin.

          • O:<


            1. Yeah you got me there, probably. But if it is Cyphers I want a cookie.

            2. Nope. It's Cyphers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ez-nU37B_A&feature=related

            3.Mobile games +_ FaceBook games got boring, unless they release a crazy arcade/popTag iPhone game. I heard that it was coming somewhere.. I forget.

            4.I meant winter, not December. xD

            Though I think KartRider might be coming soon this summer. Tons of things point to it.

            5. Oh, and Kaiser is better than Luminous, Just so you know. Because I remember you saying otherwise.

            • 1) If it’s Cyphers I promise that I’ll ask Sammi to bake cookies and I’ll eat one for you.

              2) That’s what I just said. -F3-

              3) I think there’s a mobile Crazy Arcade game out in Korea.

              4) Only two games, both of which are now closed, have been launched by Nexon from December to February.

              5) I prefer Luminous.

              6) What’s pointing to KartRider? I WANT KARTRIDER NOW.

              Joeyyyyy, Robbin hasn’t commented in over 36 hours. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HIM?

              • 1) :3

                2) Nooo. You said it was.. wait I’m wrong on that one. T-T

                3) Uuugh Lucky Koreans.

                4) Yep. And they were recent.

                5) Opinions are opinions right? I think Nexon NA should do what they did with DFO and skip Mikhail for Luminous and Kaiser.

                6) Monkey Ookey has KartRider puzzles. Blabber box backgrounds are KartRider.

                ..And something else. xD

                7) I brainwashed him. If you want me to, I can tell him to start commenting on your blog again on Saturday.

                • 2) Yay.

                  3) IKR.

                  4) This Winter will be 3 years since those games were launched. That isn’t recent at all.

                  5) Or just scrap Mikhail all together. I’m pretty positive that we’ll get Luminous, Kaiser and company this Winter whether Mikhail comes first or not.

                  6) We’ve been having that for years. Even without the downloadable version, KartRider Rush and KartRider Dash have been two successful titles for Nexon America so that could be the reason why we have all that representation of the game. I do hope that the game comes back though.

                  7) Yes, do that please :).

                • Here’s CA mobile: http://www.tstore.co.kr/userpoc/game/viewProduct.omp?insProdId=0000169300

                  And the KR puzzles could be just be for Rush or Dash or left over from the korean version.

                • Monkey Ookey isn’t out in Korea. And it was developed in America. So it’s unlikely that content in the game would be left over from the Korean version.

                  Edit: Nvm. It’s developed in Korea. But it isn’t available in Korean (yet).

                  Edit 2: It’s available in Korean. My point has been made invalid. I still say there’s a higher chances that KartRider is included in the English service because of the success of the franchise in the West rather than it being left over from the Korean version.

                • 4) -pulls out white flag-

                  5) I got an idea! Scrap Mikhail for JMS’s Samurai class. ;D

                  6) A Wise Man Once Said: “I wouldn’t be surprised if KartRider comes back by the end of the year. Hell, it came out in Japan in the spring.

                  Oh btw, thanks B1 for the link. ;D

                • 4) They always do. Eventually. Forcefully or otherwise.

                  5) Good one. To maximize benefits to Nexon: Release Mikhail in October, release Luminous, Kaiser and company from December into February. Release Hayato and Kanna in late March and April. Or… I DON’T KNOW. TOO MANY CLASSES IN TOO SHORT A SPACE OF TIME FOR ZACH’S PREDICTING BRAIN (which is “slightly” underused at the moment) TO HANDLE.

                  But seriously, it would be awesomeness to get Tempest and the JMS exclusives all at some point before next Summer. And remember, the most likely class release months before then are December, January and March. Even though I still can’t figure out why Nexon waited until March 31 to release Evan in 2011 given than 90% of American schools would have just gone back in session from Spring Break -F3-. Or maybe I’m looking too far into it and Nexon America only throw Evan in March, long before any other service excepting KMS and including the “fast again, slow again” JMS, just so we could get in Dual Blade first in Summer.

                  “Fast again, slow again”: Adjective. A new addition to Zach’s list of frequently used phrases. Widely used to describe JMS. It means that one second you’re begging that game service to slow down so you can actually enjoy one piece of content before the next one is added to the game, and the next second you’re begging that game service to speed up because there’s a random period of extremely small content additions (if there even are content additions). This usually causes said service to rise and fall through Msupdate’s Most Updated and Fastest Updating lists like mad. Por ejemplo, JMS moving from #1 to #7 then back to #1 on the Fastest Updating list in the last 3 list updates.

                  6) Aha! Challenge time! Zach vs. B1 and Joey. If KartRider is even announced anytime within the next year you guys win. If not, I win. I’m not betting against a KartRider release within the next year, I just want a challenge.

                • 5) Aha!

                  MapleStory Exclusive steal!

                  Phantom has gone berserk and went on a stealing spree! He has stolen JMS’s exclusive classes Hayato and Kanna! (Not so exclusive now, huh?)

                  Kanna’s riches were taken by Phantom also so she will not be relased because she cannot pay the money to be able to be put into GMS. Therefore, Phantom finds her useless (even though he made her useless) And decided to murder her. Therefore, She is now out of JMS as well! (yeah GMS got dah powah) though Hayato is still strong and coming!

                  -The Nexon Team.

                  6) Alright. Let’s bet! $0.00 Call or raise?

                  Msupdate: Call. I’d be poor if I put any more $$ in.

                  Joe: Aight. Let’s see how this plays out. >;D

                • 5) “Exclusive”: Adjective. Content which originates in game services other than KMS. Content is usually designed by the local publisher and sent to Korea for development and implementation. Content is many times localized to other services of the game in time. Por ejemplo, MASTERIA (GlobalMS), Singapore and Malaysia (MapleSEA) and Capture the Flag (GMS). At times exclusive content is reorganized into a theme dungeon such as Golden Temple (ThaiMS), Kerning Square (TwMS’s Taipei 101) and Neo City (JMS’s Neo Tokyo) and at other times exclusive content which commemorates local holidays or celebrations are re-envisioned, por ejemplo EMS’s Guy Fawkes PQ coming to GMS as the Mal Volence PQ.

                  In other words, we don’t need to steal it.

                  6) This’ll be fun.

                • 5) Yes. And KMS has haunted house? o:

                  I WANT TO PLAY HAYATO SO BAD! -dies-

                • 5) No. KMS doesn’t have any of Masteria.

                  YOU STOLE MY “-dies-“????? -DIES- Well you and about a million other people :P.

                • 5) lol i meant: you said “Content is many times localized to other services of the game in time.”

                  And I was like: That means KMS has Masteria? Yeah, didn’t think so! lol xD

                  That’s Why I kind of doubt Hayato will come to KMS, but he seems funner than Luminous and Kaiser combined. I mean dang, check some gameplay footage of Hayato… -dies-

                  7?) Yes. I stole your -dies-, and I actually use it alot now. Kind of like how I used to go “XD” but Robbin used “xD” so much, now I use “xD”. (Yeah I’m Phantom, stealin’)

                • 5) -Dies- Okay. Sorry. Actually the fact that KMS very rarely receives exclusive content from other services should have been included in the definition. But MSEA, EMS and whoever else has Masteria.

                  7) STEALER.

                • None of the other services got Jett.

                  None of the other services got Hayato yet,

                  Though I’m guessing it’s because it’s new content.

                  You thin, it’ll be around… um… March/April? or a different tine?

                • -Dies-. WELL OBVIOUSLY IT’S BECAUSE THIS CONTENT JUST CAME OUT IN THEIR SERVICE OF ORIGIN. That doesn’t mean that all the content is definitely going to go to other services, you know. -Sigh- Joey… ROFL.

                  K. Examples.

                  Capture the Flag (GMS exclusive): TwMS, MSEA (event)
                  Guild BBS (GMS exclusive): KMS, TwMS, MSEA, EMS
                  Simple Minimap (JMS exclusive): everywhere except KMS
                  Windowed Mode (GMS exclusive): everywhere except TwMS
                  Monster Familiar (JMS exclusive): GMS
                  That cursed Maple TV (MSEA exclusive): everywhere except KMS and TwMS
                  New Leaf City (GMS exclusive): everywhere except KMS and JMS
                  Crimsonwood Keep (GMS exclusive): eeverywhere except KMS and TwMS
                  Showa (JMS exclusive): everywhere except KMS

                  Can I stop now?

                • -What’s a Maple TV..?

                  -Yeah you can stop lol. 😉

                  -Jett was to boring to go to other services, no one wanted it.

                  Though GMS NEEDS HAYATO -dies-

                  -What the heck is a Maple TV? I even searched it on google now..

                  -And wow, Windowed Mode was a GMS exclusive? Smart of Nexon. xD

                  -I’ve got like nothing else so say.

                  -Quote From Msupdate: “ROFL” Me: I doubt you did that. :3

                • 1) The big massive obvious can’t-be-missed TVs in towns and free market entrance -F3-.

                  2) ROFL. Dragon Warrior is boringer (too self-explanatory for a definition) than Jett IMO but TaiwanMS latched onto it as soon as ChinaMS got it.

                  3) Yes, yes we do. Hayato looks cool.

                  4) I know right. The GMS community begged for it for so long that they eventually gave it to us.

                  5) -Actually ROFLs-. No… I didn’t actually do it this time either.

                • 1) What’s wrong with them? o.o.. But then again, whats the point in them?

                  2) -looks up dragon warrior footage-

                  Wow, Jett IS better.

                  4) GMS ppl begged and begged? your making the GMS community look bad! They are the nicest people ever! :3

                  -obvious sarcasm is obvious- xD


                  Is this even a debate anymore? o.o

                • 1) Exactly. What’s-the-point? All they serve to do is take up space and lag lower end computers.

                  2) Yes, GMS is better.

                  3) How is them begging making them look back? They really begged O_O. And Nexon developed it. And yes, that sarcasm is quite obvious.

                  It’s always a debate!

            • 1) The lag my Windows XP. 😦

              3) Typo? BACK = BAD!?

              anyway, why WOULD you want windowed mode in the first place? I prefer Full screen. xD

              • 1) Your Windows XP is probably lower end then.

                3) Yeah typo. You’ve got be the joking. Yeah, I spend most of my time playing in full screen mode too but I’m sure you can figure out why windowed mode is an excellent option to have for many people.

                • 1) Yup, yet it can run Vindictus. -facedesk-

                  3) ” but I’m sure you can figure out why windowed mode is an excellent option to have for many people.”

                  You overestimate me.

                • 1) You can play Vindictus on near-max/max graphics setting with minimal lag? Because if you can, but Maple TV lags you, that’s a serious contradiction right there.

                  3) -Facepalm- Think about it.

                  WHERE IS ROBBIN?

                  Edit: Oh, he commented yesterday -F3-. You guys usually comment so much that when you don’t comment for even half a day it seems like forever.

                  Edit 2: So you’ve stolen my “-facedesk-” and other faceObjects too. -F3-.

                • 1) No LMAO. Lowest quality with all settings low. Except I can still chat/party with people. That would be an extremely messed up if I could do it on max settings, yet I can’t run a Maple TV. xD

                  3) Uuuuuuughhhh -facebed- I don’t KNNNOOOWWW! ):

                  Edit1) I told you he would comment on Friday. -F3-

                  Me:No I’m not..
                  -Zach points to *3)*-
                  Me: YOU COULD’VE FORGED THAT BRO. Your the one with the edit button! Stop framing me! T-T

                • 1) Well that’s not that bad then -F3-. Upgrade your computer.

                  Edit 1) Okay Mr. I Can See The Future, what’s gonna happen next Friday?

                  Edit 2) Yes, I could have done that. I could have in deed. And I don’t have any proof that I didn’t. BUT YOU DON’T HAVE ANY PROOF THAT I DID. Therefore, by the American justice system, I’m not guilty. Of course I don’t have any proof that you said that either, technically, so you’re also not guilty. Hmm…

                • Edit 1) I hope.

                  Edit 2) That’s not how the Canadian justice system works. It and the American system are based off of the same rhetoric that “it’s better for one million murderers to walk free than one innocent man be locked up”. So both of us would probably be found not guilty since neither can prove anything that the other person did beyond any doubt whatsoever.

                  Let the debt continue until my next post.

                • Edit1) Next Friday, we will be in this world. :3

                  Edit2) Ahaha, American Justice system. Pfft. Let’s go by the Canadian Justice system, shall we, eh?

                  -After hours of debating-

                  Judge: Whenever msupdate edits a comment, its 99.99999% of the time replacing it with “opression”. Other times, It’s to annoy Robbin.Therefore, GIJoey is guilty of false claim. Therefore, Msupdate get’s a cookie.

                  Me: Why do I always make myself lose in the comments?

                  “It’s always a debate” -Msupdate.


                • Edit 2)

                  Okay sure, I’m not guilty. xD I’ll take it.

                  -waits for you to reply/give cookie-

                  Next comment post.. WAIT! If it’s comment post, how do I know you will comment again! You clever little sneak! >;D

                • My new life dream: Destroy all cookies.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if KartRider comes back by the end of the year. Hell, it came out in Japan in the spring.

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